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How to Take different shot's with one camera in different places

I was watching this tutorial online, and i realized that it was using blender 2.79, and what the person did was switching between shots with one camera while animating the camera. However, in blender ...
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Render doesn't match camera

i'm new to blender, but I was messing around with simple deformers and made this scene. When I want to render the image, the camera seems zoomed in. Can't find anyone with similair problems.. [
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Darkening/Lightening camera change effect

How can I make the view darken to black before changing the camera and then fade back again after the view has changed - as in the linked video.
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Making own layout, Toggling through multiple cameras in a scene

I need to make a layout so I can see individual parts of my scene all at once for editing purposes. Sort of like my own quad-view; therefore it's not animated and is unlike the solution in "...
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Why is the camera drifting when following a path and tracking an object?

Is it possible to put a camera on a path and maintain it at a 1:1 ratio? what I mean by this, is if you look at the image below, it sort of drifts when rotating around.. I have it tracking an empty ...
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How to quickly select the 3D viewpoint among Front, Top, Left, etc., and customized ones?

I thought the 3D-view viewpoint could be set equally according to predetermined directions (six standard views: Left, Top, Right...) and also camera directions. But it doesn't seem to be the case: ...
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How to automatically render from several camera angles? [duplicate]

I've got an animation that I want to render from loads of camera angles. How can I write a script to automatically loop through all the cameras and render the scene from each perspective?
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How do I make the camera snap to position

I want to be able to have the camera move somewhere instantly, is this possible? Like when the camera jumps to a different angle in a different shot. P.S I'm very new to animating, so, please be ...
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Camera Align to View - CTRL-ALT-0 - does some really weird stuff

When I click on the Camera button, something really funky happens. Also, at random points, the hood from my lamp will disappear. I have even deleted the camera and added a new one and I can't make the ...
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How to choose a 1 camera out of 2 cameras in the scene to align using CTRL + ALT + 0?

I have a simple problem. I have 2 cameras in the scene and I would like to align only of them when I press CTRL + ALT + 0. At the moment, one of the camera is set and I want the new camera to align ...
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