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Boolean half the time doesn't work but does union? [duplicate]

Im not sure if Im doing something wrong here or what is happening but about 50% of the time whenever I do a normal boolean difference modifier, if I have at all modified the big object previously, I ...
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Boolean intersect behaves sometimes unpredictably [duplicate]

I'm having some weird and mostly unreproducable error concerning the boolean-intersect modifier. In rare cases, it does not cut objA along the edge of objB but rather along the contour. See the ...
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Subdivision failed on boolean-subtracted object [duplicate]

I'm working on this project including a cylinder with holes in it. I've made the holes using the boolean modifier by subtracting smaller cylinders from the main cylinder. Here's an image of the entire ...
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Boolean Modifier Mesh Geometry

I'm trying to make a shower drain and am using a Boolean modifier into a very flat cylinder. I was able to get the circles where I wanted them, but the geometry is weird. When I add a subdivision ...
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Cannot seem to subtract mirrored cylinders from a cube [duplicate]

I'm fairly new to blender but have used 3d modelling programs before, and I've become baffled by a fairly simple problem. I'm trying to model a pool table and I'm building the table bed. I make a ...
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Boolean modifier cannot be executed error

I'm trying to create a background for a friend with his username, so I've created two text objects, and given them meshes. I hope to make some pretty cool semi-transparent materials for them. However, ...
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(SOLVED: Negative Scale) Boolean leaves a (gaping) Hole [duplicate]

No pun intended! I am trying to use booleans as a way to make a "cage" room for bolts in a bike part, but the problem is i am left with see through holes instead of a partial cut of the geometry. ...
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Boolean Operation fails when using a joined cutting object

I am trying to cut a slot into a flatten cubed. The slot was made with two cylinders and a cube which I joined. When I try to use the object as a cut piece it only seems to be using one of the ...
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How do i cut a hole into a mesh? [duplicate]

As you can see i added three torus shapes to the center of the model but i would like to cut out the insides of those torus to leave circles in them how can i do this?
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How to change an Object from Solid to Hollow in Blender 3.1.2? [duplicate]

As someone new to Blender I have an object (STL) I've imported into Blender that I want to create a mold for that I can then 3D print. I therefor want to encase it in a larger version of itself (split ...
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how i can get a good shading of this carved object? [duplicate]

so here you can see that i triagulate the mesh but it doesnt change anything at all, and the other pic i keeped the ngons (that i dont wont in my mesh by the way so i need the mesh in those parts ...
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Boolean Difference Issue

So I am stumped here in creating a 3D model of my house and cutting the holes for the doors and windows in the exterior walls for the most part is working great. However 1 wall is giving me fits in ...
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the fastest way to hole curved side of a cylinder? [duplicate]

Does anyone knows the fastest and easiest way to hole the curved side of a cylinder in blender 2.8? thanks!
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Why do I get weird shading around a hole created with Bool Tools?

I want to make a hole and used the Bool Tools - Difference operation But kinda get some weird shading around the hole. Is there a way to get rid of this or there is a better method?
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Boolean Difference Doesn't Work

I'm trying to subtract a mesh with another mesh, in this case a cube from a cube. But every time i use a boolean modifier (difference) it just creates the shape instead.
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