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Boolean modifier cannot be executed error

I'm trying to create a background for a friend with his username, so I've created two text objects, and given them meshes. I hope to make some pretty cool semi-transparent materials for them. However, ...
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Boolean Operation fails when using a joined cutting object

I am trying to cut a slot into a flatten cubed. The slot was made with two cylinders and a cube which I joined. When I try to use the object as a cut piece it only seems to be using one of the ...
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Boolean Difference Issue

So I am stumped here in creating a 3D model of my house and cutting the holes for the doors and windows in the exterior walls for the most part is working great. However 1 wall is giving me fits in ...
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Boolean intersect behaves sometimes unpredictably [duplicate]

I'm having some weird and mostly unreproducable error concerning the boolean-intersect modifier. In rare cases, it does not cut objA along the edge of objB but rather along the contour. See the ...
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the fastest way to hole curved side of a cylinder? [duplicate]

Does anyone knows the fastest and easiest way to hole the curved side of a cylinder in blender 2.8? thanks!
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how i can get a good shading of this carved object? [duplicate]

so here you can see that i triagulate the mesh but it doesnt change anything at all, and the other pic i keeped the ngons (that i dont wont in my mesh by the way so i need the mesh in those parts ...
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