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Subdivision failed on boolean-subtracted object [duplicate]

I'm working on this project including a cylinder with holes in it. I've made the holes using the boolean modifier by subtracting smaller cylinders from the main cylinder. Here's an image of the entire ...
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Cannot seem to subtract mirrored cylinders from a cube [duplicate]

I'm fairly new to blender but have used 3d modelling programs before, and I've become baffled by a fairly simple problem. I'm trying to model a pool table and I'm building the table bed. I make a ...
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How do i cut a hole into a mesh? [duplicate]

As you can see i added three torus shapes to the center of the model but i would like to cut out the insides of those torus to leave circles in them how can i do this?
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How to change an Object from Solid to Hollow in Blender 3.1.2? [duplicate]

As someone new to Blender I have an object (STL) I've imported into Blender that I want to create a mold for that I can then 3D print. I therefor want to encase it in a larger version of itself (split ...
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The Boolean modifier is not working

I'm trying to model an M16, but it's not going so well when it comes to the magazine of the weapon. Next to the magazine is a mesh. I want to cut holes in the mag with that mesh. But the magazine ...
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cut a hole with boolean modifer not working

I'm attempting to cut a hole in a plane. I added a cylinder object, added the Boolean modifier to the plane, selected "cylinder" and "Difference", but no hole is made. The lower half of the cylinder ...
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"Cannot execute boolean operation"

As you can see from my image, I am trying to subtract the mesh "Subtract" from the mesh "Cube" However blender is giving me the error "Cannot execute boolean operation" What is causing this problem?
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Cube with cutout corner

Can you cut the cube with cutout corner example:
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How do I add a circle into my house wall? [duplicate]

hello, so I've build this house and I want to add a round window below the roof. Kind of reached a bottleneck here and don't know what to do, youtube tutorials aren't very helpful.. What should I do ...
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(SOLVED: Negative Scale) Boolean leaves a (gaping) Hole [duplicate]

No pun intended! I am trying to use booleans as a way to make a "cage" room for bolts in a bike part, but the problem is i am left with see through holes instead of a partial cut of the geometry. ...
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Boolean half the time doesn't work but does union? [duplicate]

Im not sure if Im doing something wrong here or what is happening but about 50% of the time whenever I do a normal boolean difference modifier, if I have at all modified the big object previously, I ...
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Difference Boolean 2.8 not working as expected; Weird shading and not removing face

I'm only on my third day of trying out Blender after hearing about 2.8 changing the workflow. I followed the classic donut tutorial and now I wanted to try a simple project of my own. I'm trying to ...
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Why do I get weird shading around a hole created with Bool Tools?

I want to make a hole and used the Bool Tools - Difference operation But kinda get some weird shading around the hole. Is there a way to get rid of this or there is a better method?
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Boolean Difference Doesn't Work

I'm trying to subtract a mesh with another mesh, in this case a cube from a cube. But every time i use a boolean modifier (difference) it just creates the shape instead.
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Boolean Modifier Mesh Geometry

I'm trying to make a shower drain and am using a Boolean modifier into a very flat cylinder. I was able to get the circles where I wanted them, but the geometry is weird. When I add a subdivision ...
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