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Where are the nightly builds of Blender made available? [duplicate]

With the new website, it seems impossible to find the svn builds. Where can they be obtained now?
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Making holes in a mesh

How do I make a hole in an object?
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How to Create an Sci Fi "Plasma/Energetic/Force Field" Material in Cycles?

Hello mates im in Search of the answer to how to create a Material that looks like sci fi energetic/plasma/force field in Cycles. Here some Pictures of what i mean in general
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How to create and render clouds in blender cycles

I am creating an outdoor scene and need to create 3d clouds. What is the best way to go about this in blender cycles. I know you can't use the cloud generator addon since cycles doesn't have support ...
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Using volumetrics in Cycles I have to have the light strength super high

I have to have a spot lamp strength VERY VERY high to have these light rays come through 300000.0 and look good. Sounds crazy doesn't it. Maybe it doesn't matter but it doesn't feel right. Will I ...
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Is it advisable to update Blender to the newest version as soon as possible each time?

I know Blender is free software and bugs happen. But my question is, is it good practice to update Blender every time there is an update? Even if a minor one? (i.e I'd consider 2.56 to 2.56b minor or ...
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How to stretch a mesh object over another?

Let's say that I want to make, say, a tarp stretched over some objects (like some tools covered down on a military jeep) or a snake stretched around it's prey (I'm a horrible person, I know :P) or ...
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How to create an infinite plane in cycles?

I have already found one similar question, however it doesn't correctly address what I am talking about. Please see this, example to know exactly what I'm talking about. I have only found this, and ...
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Cycles support for gtx 1070

I just got my MSI gtx 1070 gaming X card today and tried to render something in cycles but to my surprise I got this message. Is Pascal still not supported? Are there anyways around this/fix it? Any ...
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How can I get a bullet-time effect (slow motion) in the BGE?

I'd like to transition from normal speed to slow-motion on certain events, such as a keypress. Is it possible to animate time in the game engine? If so, how?
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Create walls from a plane?

I have a plane, as you can see below, that I would like to be the floor of a building. How would I quickly create walls from all of the edges?
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Why doesn't selecting a UV island select the corresponding vertices in the model?

I have a model and I selected an island from my UV map with L, but those vertices didn't get selected on the mesh. Why is that? Is there any way to quickly select UV islands on the mesh? This ...
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no module called numpy [duplicate]

I hit Shift+F4 to get the Blender Python console. ...
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Why can I not import an .mp3 file through Python scripting?

I'm following this tutorial and I'm about 29 minutes in. I'm using the .mp3 mentioned in the tutorial. Here's my latest .blend... My script will create a single cube and switch the window context to ...
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texture preview for displacement in Cycles?

Why, when I'm using the Blender internal renderer, can I see my procedural texture (for my displacement), but, when I'm using Cycles render, I cannot? It's not like I want the procedural texture for ...
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