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How can I reset my menus?

I accidentally opened too many menus (or windows) and I want to reset them to default. It is really annoying, and effecting my animation. Thanks
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Restore / Show Outliner again

When I start Blender, I am shown the Outliner on the right side: Somehow I very often manage to hide it. I think it happens when I unwrap and have the "UV Edit" window shown on the left ...
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How to show accidentally hidden menu bar?

Here is the blender window I have: As you see, it doesn't have the menu that is usually displayed at the top of the screen. How can I get the menu back?
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I made a lot of windows with the vertical split option

I made many vertical splits when I was trying to join them. To collapse them I joined the split over the original copy. Is there a way for me to get back to the original window?
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Can the 'top' view be rotated by 180° around the Z-axis by default?

Is it somehow possible to have the top view (Numpad 7) rotated by 180 degrees by default? I can get the view I'm after using the key combination Numpad 7 then 12 x ...
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Save window layout instead of startup file?

How can I save a customized window layout so that every time when I open a .blend file, this window layout is displayed? Currently, I only know how to ...
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Set all panels to be closed by default or remember settings by file? [duplicate]

I'm currently working on a very small screen, and I'd like to have all the panels closed by default and only open the ones I need manually, or if possible even just remember my last open panels when I ...
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How do I reset all of my view panels without having to do the click and drag method? [duplicate]

I would like to find a different solution to closing these windows without having to do the click and drag.
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How can I hide all the animation controls?

I am only interested in modeling and not animation. Is there a way I can hide all the animation related panels from the blender interface? They take up screen real estate that I could use for other ...
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How to close a window by hotkey instead of dragging?

I know how to close windows by dragging, but that restricts me to only closing windows on the right-hand side of the screen, and sometimes windows get in positions where it is impossible to close them....
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Is there a keyboard shortcut to open and close these areas? [duplicate]

I accidentally closed the panel that has a red circle (I dont know the name of it lol). I had to close everything and load the project again and untick the 'load UI' to restore that panel again. Is ...
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I'm having trouble putting my windows views back, I tried a few things and they won't go back, they did before [duplicate]

So this is a little embarrassing. I have gotten really far on this Harbor Seal project and i can't figure out how to close my python code info viewer? the large arrow won't appear. I have recently ...
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How to set Viewport camera (NOT 3D scene camera) default settings?

How do you set the default settings of the Viewport camera (the 'camera' that allows you to see into a viewport as you open blender.)(NOT 3D scene camera)? Because of our workflow in the office I have ...
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How to return view window back to original location [duplicate]

How can I return my view window back to the original location? Specifically, I want to have options panel to the right of the view window. Thank you!
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Closing Extra Windows [duplicate]

I've been having a problem in the software recently, and it's been bothering me a lot. I accidentally either opened this console or expanded it from the top, (currently empty as I just reopened the ...
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