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Why Can't i get back to the normal screen layout? [duplicate]

My screen layout in one blend won't go back to normal. Even if I go to the tile area there is no bar for the different screen areas like uv editing. in the right hand corner where file and window is ...
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Is there a good UI layout/style for laptop screen? [closed]

I've settled into using Blender on my big 2xmonitor PC setup, but every time I try to use Blender on my laptop, when travelling or holiday, I end up with barely legible side-panels, and/or small work-...
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Deleted Game logic layout by accident

Accidentally deleted game logic layout is there anyway of getting it back? haven't been able to figure it out.
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Window/tabs not closing [duplicate]

I've tried joining, using the arrows and none of it's working. I only want the window in green open and the ones in yellow closed and I don't know what to do.
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Customize Workspace and disabling editors

I've read a lot about this but I can't find a direct answer for 2.8. I would like to modify Blender's UI as to minimize clutter, since there are a lot of features I don't use. I've read that one can ...
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How to return view window back to original location [duplicate]

How can I return my view window back to the original location? Specifically, I want to have options panel to the right of the view window. Thank you!
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I'm having trouble putting my windows views back, I tried a few things and they won't go back, they did before [duplicate]

So this is a little embarrassing. I have gotten really far on this Harbor Seal project and i can't figure out how to close my python code info viewer? the large arrow won't appear. I have recently ...
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