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Setting a normal map for only part of a material (single Principled shader)

I am attempting to use a single Principled shader to get wood on one part of a knife, and metal on the rest. I cannot figure out how to make the normals only apply to the wood part of the mesh. ...
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Material not rendering properly

I'm quite new to Blender (I'm using 2.79), and I've been using the Principled BSDF (with Cycles). What I want is to use a mask (the image is temporary) to paint a motif on the side of the cup. In the ...
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Rendering a scene with shaderless objects results in a completely black image

I want to do a 2d animation of a particle system. I created a background, put my camera up, set the mode to orthographic. I created an object for my particles to use, set them shaderless, created a ...
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Material doesnt show up in rendered view

The material of certain objects in the scene doesnt show up. Also the scene is tainted dark, is this related to the sky texture as background? How do I correct this? Material view: Mountain and beach ...
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Why objects reflected in the mirror are darker than original, as they were not receiving light

The curtains are dark in the mirror image, as they were the original object but not receiving the light of a point lamp that i used nodes to define color and strength (blackbody and ies texture). The ...
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UV Maps not showing in render

I can not add all the images because the account is new and I don't have enough reputation. I have an object (a tube of a cream) with three diferent materials, the base "plastic" material and I have ...
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RGB to Material Output?

I want to connect Combine RGB with Material output. How can I convert the yellow dot to green dot?
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Can I connect a Diffuse BSFD to the Principled BSDF's roughness input?

I have a principled bsdf. Under roughness, I have maps that I would like to connect to it. As I'm adding a normal map to my roughness map, I'm thinking of putting the map through a diffuse bsdf. Is ...
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Why does adding shaders take the colour out of grass in render mode

I am making a field of grass using particle systems. The set up has 2 different clumps, green and green/brown plus some weeds and flowers. In materials mode, when I add shaders, (translucent and ...
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Why doesn't my render show full noise texture or mixed colors?

I've built a collection of nodes that show the material I want in material view, but renders ignore both the noise texture and the mixed colors. The render does show my height offset texture map. To ...
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In Cycles, when I convert from one output type to a different input type, what is REALLY happening?

So, I've been following the blender guru's video tutorial for shading of dialectic materials. He uses something very much like this setup: (He starts talking about it not long before 28:44.) ...
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Change color from white to yellow

How do I change white color on the green background to yellow one in the following setting ?
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Blender 2.79. Rendered image show only color and not UV mapped texture

I have problem in blender 2.79. When I want to render a model but with image texture render model appears black although uv maping is correct. But when I apply defuse shader it shows its color. ...
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Crash report. Cycles shader graph connect: can only connect closure to closure

My Blender model keeps crashing and I don't really know why when I render it get to between 80% and 95% on updating BVH and just flat out crashes. I am using cycles with 2.78c Crash report-Cycles ...
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What are the node plugs called?

To help me communicate better what is the correct name for node attachment points?
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