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How can I get this setup in Cycles (for cell shade) [duplicate]

I'm using a material setup in Blender Internal for cell look. I want to use same setup for Cycles but I can't get exact same result. In this setup; I can select shadow color and direction in color ...
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How can I achieve a Japanese style cell animation toon shader look in Blender? [duplicate]

Here are my examples. Edit// Here is a video showing what I want exactly, how "shaders" and "renderer" should work. notice how easy it is to set the ...
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How can I create simple toon colors in Cycles? [duplicate]

I'm having trouble creating toon colors, without shadow. Just clear solid color. I use 2.75 and 2.76 I get this How can I create flat cartoon colors?
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How to make a shadless material that would allow shadows? [duplicate]

I've been successful to achieve shade less material in Blender by following set up: but is there any way we can allow these materials to cast shadows? Thanks.
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How to render cartoon style with completely flat colors?

How to render perfect cartoons in blender? Whatever the engine is (internal or cycles) I always get that shading transition somewhere on the model. The first picture is in blender internal render ...
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How do I get a cycles render that is similar to the default OpenGL viewport render?

I want the whites to be "white" and not grey, and the shadows to not be so dark. Is this just a matter of setting up appropriate lightning? Or is there a shortcut to getting the viewport results (but ...
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How can I achieve a Anime Shader look in Blender?

So, i saw a post in this Stack about 2 years ago but nobody had awnsered, so im trying to ask another time, does anyone know how to actualy get this Shader in blender 2.8? Somehow they have controls ...
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How to create customizable Cycles Cel/Toon shader, that generates shadows?

I have successfully created a highly customizable Cel/Toon shader for Blender Eevee. The shader has lots of features, including but not limited to: Multiple light sources support, tone shape ...
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How to create a "Airbrush-like" Shading Material

How could I make a material out of the following picture? and also the Glossy one?
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Gooey / Transparent Material

How would i replicate this look? I want to make some of the pokemon characters and have tried putting a transparent shader, a glass shader, and translucent. I have tried in both blender internal and ...
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How can I achieve this inked sketch material?

Let me preface this by saying that I'm a complete beginner when it comes to Blender, as in - I just clicked on the Blender icon for the very first time ever yesterday. I'm trying to achieve an inked ...
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What happens when you plug a BSDF into a value socket?

What happens when you plug a BSDF (shader) socket into a value (float/color/vector) socket, or vice-versa? Obviously there is no way to convert a function to a value, so what does blender do? From ...
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What's the most efficient way to draw edges for an object? [duplicate]

What's the most efficient way to draw edges for an object? By efficient I mean quick in drawing and efficient in rendering. Example: Adding red edges to a box.
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Why are the highlights and specular gloss disappearing in this toon shader setup?

I've been rebuilding Irie's famous Toon Shader (a la this blendswap) because I have exactly zero skill is OSL and I don't know about you, but I can't even run the silly scripts. The good news is, I ...
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How do I make a cartoonish material in Blender Cycles?

I'm trying to make a stylized material like this: I want to bake it eventually so I can only do it in cycles, but I can't seem to get anything close, this is my closest render but the shadows are so ...
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