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Visible objects in edit or object mode are invisible when rendering

I'm working on a model that has assigned materials (very simple ones, they are the default material with a color). The problem comes when i try to render it. I don't know why but most of the parts ...
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Why this material doesn't render?

this issue is driving me crazy. I have this simple node material with a dirt texture (.png) applied to a plane. In the preview render it works and shows up but as soon as i try to render i get ...
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Cloth object not rendering [duplicate]

Just as some background - it was an animated cloth object with physics, collision, and some hooks. I "applied" all the modifiers when I liked its look, but now I'm searching for some setting that is ...
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Blender rendering only part of the objects [closed]

I have a question regarding my rendering using motion tracking. As you can see the rendering only shows a small part of the actual 3d model (tears of steel rig). Does anyone know why this occurs? ...
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Blender object randomly invisible to camera

so I spent several hours setting up a scene with exploding glass and for whatever reason the bullet is now invisible to the camera... I've done everything and before you say it no it is not turned off ...
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why are some of my objects rendering as a dark blue?

I'm making a project for my art class but for some reason 2/3 objects in my preview will not render. Does anybody know why? Its the terrain that will not render
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Rendering ruins the scene with drastic object displacement and stretching

As the screen shot shows when I render this scene the objects were completely displaced and the label stretch as compared the window render. Any ideas as to what's causing this?
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Human model and other textures won't show up on render

I've been making animations of different accidents happening to the human model and recently I grouped them in folders. When I made another one which is already made in a new folder but still used the ...
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Render view does not match final render (Cycles Render) [duplicate]

I have a shot put together with a model that is textured to my standards and lit to match my scene and I like the way it looks in the render view. My issue is that this does not match what shows up ...
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