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How to render sprites alised (sharp) in Cycles? [duplicate]

Is there a way to disable Anti-Alising in cycles so renders will be pixelated? In Workbench there is option for no filtering but its missing from Cycles.
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How does anti-aliasing work in cycles?

As far as I understand, cycles anti-aliasing in cycles (per default), works by sampling around a specific arc/vector determined by the camera position/rotation. This explanation and my experience ...
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How can I avoid jagged edges?

now it is last thing in my first project in blender. I made the model below in images and I thought everything is going well until I rendered it then I saw the quality is bad around the object that I ...
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how do I create a sprite with hard (aliased) edges, but still be antialiased inside?

This question came up in the irc channel yesterday. The fellow had a model he was turning into a sprite for a 2D game. He wanted it to be aliased inside, but have a hard (aliased) edge. Getting ...
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How to get pixelated edges look? (PS1, DS, etc.)

I've been making low poly models but I'd like them to have the "pixelated" look that models have in some (mainly)older games. This especially includes PS1 games and 3D DS games. I'm not talking about ...
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How can I render an image with sharp and uniform color edges?

I'm modeling a simple scene of black board (diffuse material) with red, green, yellow, and white squares (emission material) on it. The following is a crop of the rendered result. All the squares I ...
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Object Specific Anti-Aliasing

I have one object in my scene that I need rendered without any Anti-Aliasing, but I'd like the rest of the scene to still be Anti-Aliased, is there any way to achieve this? I'm using Cycles.
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How can I render pixel art images with no AA and transparent background?

My question is: How can I render a pixel art image with cycles (low resolution) which is ready for use in a game? That means: no border antialiasing, a transparent background, and a real 1:1 pixel ...
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How do I get my renders to not antialias with the background? (Cycles)

I'm currently working on a project that requires 2d-rendered sprites however I need for the sprites to have aliased borders/outlines with the background while the rest of the image is antialiased. I ...
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Old Game Texture Style Question

I have a very basic question, honestly just the name/definition would help, about the way old games did their textures/graphics. I have this picture from a game called Mother. I'm wondering what the ...
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