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Add a transparent image on top of a material [duplicate]

I'm designing this animal-type creature, and want to add a transparent .png image to its face with the face features (object has a subsurf). On the left is the image with the features, on the right is ...
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How can i apply a PNG logo on my material? [duplicate]

I have a project with a material I want to add to my sphere. I want to add this logo onto the sphere. I have tried various ways of uv mapping but I keep messing up :/ This is my current material ...
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How to add a pattern from a 2D image on a 3D object? [duplicate]

I am new to blender. I have a 3D object that are made from an SVG file. I want to know how to apply an image to said object. To act like a skin for said 3D object. This is the same as creating a ...
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PNG transparency shadow issue for graphics on a coffee mug [duplicate]

After finally figuring out how to apply a transparent PNG only to specific faces of a mesh, I spent forever trying to figure out why I was getting a shadow and finally realized it was because my ...
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UV editing + texture - change color of the PNG image (caption) [duplicate]

I am using UV editing to put a letter to a wall. I have png like this: After UV editing and and some texture added my output is like this: I am looking for a way to change its color to some other ...
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Image on principled [duplicate]

I want to place a single logo on the bottom half of the bin, whilst preserving the color of principled. What am i doing wrong here?
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Transparent PNG image texture (logo) over BMD texture? a simple version attempt needing help [duplicate]

I have been trying this for 5 years failing, and although I've tried tons of different tutorials, I still seem to fail at something that should be quite simple. I have a BMD pbr beautiful material. I ...
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Painting designs onto object [duplicate]

I'm trying to create a 3D textured model of a boomerang based on this image I have a good model and have applied a wood texture to it, but I'm pretty stumped when it comes to creating the designs in ...
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Alpha image stacked on opaque texture? [duplicate]

Drawing a blank here. I'm trying to recreate Jack Sparrow's famous bandana; a red base colour with a blue floral pattern. I've started off with a red, diffuse base on my bandana mesh and I've acquired ...
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Adding texture on a material [duplicate]

So I'm modelling this sardine can with a logo on it... I have created my own logo as a png file and I want to apply it on a red metallic material... I have already tried applying it on the subsurface ...
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How to make another image text appear on top of the existing image texture [duplicate]

It's connected like this. I want to add a heart-shaped image to a specific part. I want to turn the heart pattern on and off. so I have three questions. first, I connected it like this. Is this the ...
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Texture is missing in Cycles?

Because I am pretty new to blender I watched the tutorial Introduction to Texturing with Cycles in Blender from I loaded this texture onto a sphere but then in all views the ...
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How can I write something on an object?

I've tried to use curve method and also have tried to add texture on it. But my ways didn't work or I did something wrong. How can I write for example "Aceton Box" on this object ?
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Why UVmapping shows in black with no color [duplicate]

i'm new in Blender. Can you guyz help me. I'm putting UVmapping to Lego character face. But the red and white color not appearing. Only black color just Like this. Can you guyz tell me how to show in ...
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embossed metal text for packaging box

I am new to 3D software, trying to get this result by using material nodes. As you can see the result black glossy background, and gold metallic embossed text as the the image show. I am using Blender ...
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