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Add scratches to a material in Cycles?

Is there a way to add scratches (like on worn metal) to a shader in Cycles?
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how to add scratches to a low poly sword in geometry? [duplicate]

So I am trying to add scratches to a low poly sword and I don't know how to do it properly? Tried to use sculpt mode but I don't have enough geometry.
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How can you make a scratched metal procedurally?

I want to use a type of scratched metal thing to use for a robot I'm working on, but I want to know how to do it in a procedural way, just using nodes and math, is there any way I can do that? This is ...
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Realistic rendering of mesh together with image?

Apologies for this possibly too vague question, but are there some general guidelines to follow when rendering artificial 3D meshes together with an imported 2D image as the background? In the ...
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Edit texture as burned and dirty in Cycles

How can I edit the following texture... it looks like this? And how to create the burned spots
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How to make an "old glass" material in cycles?

I'm asking about the glass found in old windows. It is not just dirty, scratched, or with varied roughness, but it has irregular imperfections in the glass that make all sorts of distortions. Both ...
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How to add dirt to a glass shader?

I am rendering an image of a grotty old looking light-bulb. I can make a decent clear glass material, but, not a perfect one. I simply cannot get the dirt textures to overlay properly. How can I add ...
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How can I make scratches in paint so that they reveal the metal underneath?

I have a metal water bottle coated in green paint. I am using an overlay to add scratches. I have colour and normal maps. However, this just adds white scratches. I want to make the scratches reveal ...
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How do I create overlays like ones?

I've seen has these things called overlays where you basically have a smudge or something and you can put it over the material of your object. I want to make some myself since they don't ...
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How can I add a texture to a specific face? [duplicate]

I have a cylinder (imported from Creo, in .obj), to which I've added a material, steel and rendered it. It looks great. I've now cut it in half, and want to see a different texture on the cut face, ...
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add scratches to metal material [duplicate]

I'm working on a short with a CGI robot. I found this: I'm trying to achieve a similar look with the scratches. The node setup he has in the video, looks ...
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How to get material to be brighter around edges [duplicate]

I am trying to create a low poly boxy rock model. I want to have the edges to appear brighter than the faces of the material. Is there any easy way to do this? And how would I go about it? I am a ...
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