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3D porous nanoparticle. How can I draw one? [duplicate]

Hi!. I would like to draw something similar to this porous Nanoparticle. The inside of each hole needs to be "solid" and each of them kind of spherical shaped, similar to a golf ball. It ...
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How can I model an irregular object made from laser cutting metal sheet

I'm new user of Blender and I have a question about modelling. I would like to create the model of this object: It starts from a metal sheet cut with a laser-cutting machine, then manually deformed ...
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How to turn my honeycomb pattern into the sphere?

I'm new to bender and followed some tutorials. After following this one I'm trying to make the pattern I have into a ball. I can make the pattern follow a path, so it's probably not that hard to make ...
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Repetitive carvings/holes around a sphere

I'm doing a spherical electromagnetic motor and I need to design a main ball fully covered of circular holes (all of the same size) so I put the neodymium magnets inside them. The sphere is going to ...
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How to model component pieces of a geometric solid?

I'm trying to make a model of the first atomic bomb's high explosive lens configuration: The shape is a truncated icosahedron composed of extruded octagons and pentagons. Modeling a single solid ...
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Space Faces Evenly

I am trying to create a sphere of hexagons. Followed the accepted answer from this question and it get's me 90% of the way. As you can see what I got is a sphere made up of a bunch of randomly ...
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Creating array of holes

I'm trying to model a "vent" like on an air conditioner and I am familiar with the BOOLEAN tool... So I know I can make a slab of metal out of a BOX and punch a hole in it using the BOOLEAN tool the ...
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Bevel the inside of a hole

Note: I'm relatively new to Blender, so apologies if terminology a bit confused or just plain wrong :-) I've created a bowl by subtracting a UV Sphere from a slightly larger one with a Boolean ...
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Mesh Ventilation Grill?

How do you proerply model a MESH TYPE VENTILATION GRILL for a PC? In the photo, this diamond shape object is actually a MESH GRILL from COOLERMASTER MASTERBOX K500L chassis. I've tried using a PNG ...
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How to make a primitive cylinder form a regular punctured sphere?

I would like to make a shape like the one shown in the screenshot below. I've looked at other questions, yet they were made in the previous version of Blender. The version I am currently using is 2.91,...
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Boolean difference not cutting all holes correctly within for loop (python script)

I have a strange problem with a python script. I am generating an object with holes cut out of it in specific locations. The script works well for all of it except for one specific and weird problem. ...
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Holes being covered by Subdivision Surface [duplicate]

I created an object that consists of a cylinder with holes in it, however when I try to use a subdivision surface modifier, the hole gets partially covered. I think this has to do with the circular ...
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apply same curve angle than other object [duplicate]

I need to create a kid night light with lot of star shape hole, but I don't understand how can I get the stars to get the same angle that the sphere. I played with simple deformation modifier but don'...
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