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Weird Blender Subsurface glitch

For some reason, when I add the Subdvision Surface modifier, I'm getting this. Does anyone know what might be causing this?
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Using higher subsurface modifier values

I found this nice playlist of general tips. Particularly I am interested in the first video. You can clearly see, at about 1:50 that the author is using a value of five in his subsurface modifier. I ...
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Make head if my figure smoother [duplicate]

I need to make this head smoother. I am already using subdivion surface 3 on whole object. I found here and try select head and use shade smooth. Head stil had that visible lines and just not look ...
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Subdivision modifier difficulties [duplicate]

I'm trying to smoothen the rough edges of my model using the subdivision modifier but it's being very difficult. Some places it goes all wonky and I don't seem to have any control over it. What am I ...
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Modelling Sphere Pole [duplicate]

I've applied smooth shading and auto smooth to this sphere shape, and when I apply the subsurface modifier I'm getting artefacts on top of the sphere. Ive tried adding loop cuts, and also deleted the ...
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I have a problem with the shading of the glass in my glasses [duplicate]

So I am trying to make my glasses, the lenses have a mirror coat. The problem is when I add a material, as we see on the right lens, is that we ca see the triangle shading happening. The lens are not ...
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Subdivision problem or other? [duplicate]

Why around the mouth's edges are collapsed when I used subdivision? How to solve it?
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