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Python performance with Blender operators

In my script, I have for loop over many cube objects (~1000) and the treatment is very slow. Looking more in details, I notice that in the same amount of loops: if ...
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Python move object on local axis

Read through a lot of questions but I didn't find a simple answer. How do I move an object on it's local axis using a vector? I don't want to use bpy.ops.transform.translate, because it's slow. ...
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link new object to scene with python in 2.8

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Set driver variable ID-block using python

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Export collection and set FBX file name as collection name?

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Duplicating an object in script (by name) [duplicate]

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problems in duplicating a object/ creating a object through python API

I created a city scene which has a vehicle model inside, I need to duplicate the vehicle model to display a dozen of them in the city scene through python API. The vehicle object name is BMWM1. I have ...
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How to take meshes and generate objects from them and add them to master collection using python

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Using Blender to map XYZ objects from Homeworld RTS Space map HELP

I am new to blender, and not a 3d artist. I am making a map for a RTS game called Homeworld. The location of objects in this game are in XYZ coordinates of a 3d space. e.g. "Player Object,{3607, -...
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