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How can I pause a render in progress and then resume it at a later time?

I would like to pause a render that I have started, with the intention of resuming it at a later time (but during the same Blender session). How can I do this?
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How can I run blender from command line or a python script without opening a GUI?

I'm interested in using Blender for producing images, 3d files, or calculating geometry on a server. Can I make blender run a python script without opening a GUI? If not, can I incorporate Blender's ...
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Cycles hybrid rendering

The Cycles render engine can render both on the CPU and the GPU. I often render over-night so I do not need my computer to be responsive. Is it possible to render with Cycles using both the CPU and ...
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Can I specify a portion of the image to render in Cycles? [duplicate]

Is it currently possible to specify which portion of an image you'd like to render in Cycles? Let's say I'm going to render an image with dimensions 1280x720. Can I render just the rectangle bounded ...
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Set up a render farm with multiple OS and spec

I have quite a few computers at my disposal- about 100 mac pro's bought 2 years ago, just as many windows PC's of varying age (1-3 years), 50 linux machines and a good few terabytes of storage on a ...
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Render Border's related check boxes - How do they work?

Render Border, is a great little function for reducing render time while experimenting, but what does the 'Render Border' check box in the Properties >View panel do - apart from turning off the red ...
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Setting render options from the command line

I was hoping to render blender using the command line mode on linux. However, I do not no how to set the output resolution and H.264 as the encoding. Both these options work in the GUI mode but I wish ...
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What is the Reason Cycles Creates Incorrectly Colored/Firefly Artifact Pixels?

When it casts a ray, shouldn't it calculate the color and return that? Why would it create incorrectly colored pixels?
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Is netrender only useful for multiple frames?

Trying to speed-up render times on a large single-frame Cycles image by using netrender and a spare machine. The spare is running (in separate terminals) a master and a slave, and the main computer is ...
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Changing tile location

I want to be able to render a tile and then move to the left and render that tile Specify tile size for Blender Cycles rendering via command line So far I have gotten this... I have no idea how to ...
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How to render a portion of the image through command line with background image

My question is related to this question, in fact I use a compositing node to add a background image to the scene and it stays centered in each rendered image, what I don't want. This is the py code I'...
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Seamless 4 camera setup

How to postion 4 cameras and render a scene partitioned in 4 pieces ? Cameras should positioned seamlessly 2 on bottom and 2 right above. Then how to setup in compositor that 4 images are merged in 1 ...
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