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How to store particle locations in a list?

my question is how to store the locations of a particle or any changing data in a list so as to use the locations for effects like trails. What I intend to create are particle trails, the following ...
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Making wheels spin as car moves on local Y axis

I'd like to know how to make my car wheels rotate when a vehicle is moved forward in the local Y axis, regardless of what rotations on other axes the car may possess. This should specifically work ...
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Access to object location from previous frame in cycles

Is there a way to access an objects location data from the previous frame in cycles? I want to make a shader that colors the object accordingly to the distance the object traveled between the current ...
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Detect object speed?

I have some objects that I need to know how fast they are going. I have a property, "speed," and I would like it to show the object's speed in blender units. For the unit, it doesn't matter that much ...
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How can I know the speed of an object inside a loop?

I want to affect some shapekeys based on the speed on the Z axis of a set of objects that are being moved inside a loop. This has been my approach... But something is failing
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There is no object info node in Animation Nodes addon

I use blender 2.76 official build for Linux, with 1.0.1 Animation Nodes addon, and I don not have object info node to get object velocity. According to this tutorial it does exists: https://www....
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Animation Nodes and Velocity

VELOCITY Animation Nodes have been very useful for me so far, but I am stumped as to how I can use an object or particle's velocity to influence other properties (like color, rotation, etc.). There's ...
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Rigging a Wheel to Turn Corners: Drivers vs. Bones [duplicate]

The tutorials I've found show how to rig a wheel to roll automatically, in one direction (X or Y), in relation to the location of an empty or bone. I've managed to get the wheel rotation to work along ...
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is there a way to streamline scripting these shaders and modifier keyframes?

Here is a simple demo script for keyframes on shaders and modifiers for multiple objects. In the future there will be much more going on, so I want to know if there is an easier way to do these kinds ...
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Driver using self does not update location in render only

I am writing a driver in blender 2.91.2 to simulate a spacecraft's Reaction Control System thrusters based on the movement of a parent object, without having to manually adjust and keyframe each "...
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How to integrate vehicle speed into wheel rotations?

I'm animating the rotation of wheels on a vehicle, and I'm planning to match the vehicle's behaviour to a table of MPH (miles per hour) that's sampled every second. This MPH data comes from a captured ...
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P-Map and Velocity map as outputs in 2.8

I render an animation with EEVEE and every frame takes less than 10 seconds to be rendered (in 4K). I also output normals, AO, and other images in the same render (using a File Output node). ...
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How can I get or calculcate the acceleration of animated rigid bodies in an animation?

I'm trying to simulate IMU sensors in a Blender animation in order to generate data. Specifically, I've parented (using 3-vertex parenting) mesh cubes to a human body mesh, which I've animated using ...
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How to rig a BB-8 Model?

I want to make a rig for this BB-8 unit so that when it moves on X or Y axis it can rotate automatically even if it moves on both axis (on diagonal direction) most of tutrorials i saw works in case it ...
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