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How to select vertices sequentially in a script and see it happen in 3D viewer [duplicate]

I am trying to make a visual explanation of vertex sequence for a mesh object. I pieced this script together from the internet. It runs, but I don't see anything happen. How can I get the effect to be ...
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Alternative to redraw_timer()

I have a script whose goal is to find all the visible vertices from the camera view. The simplest solution should work as follows: Go Into Camera View Update the view with ...
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How to copy nodes and their links from one node tree/material to another - in python?

I'm trying to copy nodes from one node tree/material to another, in python. As far as I can tell there is no good way to do this. I have even tried context switching and then either try to use <...
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Update Edge Info when using script in Edit Mode

I'm editing a mesh using a script, while in Edit Mode. I need to display the Edge Angles while editing, but these don't get updated until I leave and re-enter Edit Mode. Is there a function I can ...
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How to force{'INFO'}, "message") to appear immediately?

The result of a print("message") command called inside an operator appears immediately in the System Console. However the result of ...
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How to force update the 3d view port in blender during python file execution

I am trying to connect a physical robot arm with its digital replica using blender I am able to communicate between the two using MQTT but the changes in blender are reflected only when the python ...
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Can i redraw the UI inside an operator?

I have a script which is working. At the end of the script, rendering is started. This is supposed to work as a template for people possibly unfamiliar with a freezing screen (blender is loading lots ...
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execution time for a program in python blender

I have a little problem :) I need to do a program in python , blender , in wich i must built a structure of many cubes. i am a absolutely beginner , and i have no experience in python. I realize a ...
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Update object with Simulink data

I'm trying to simulate a simple dynamic system with Simulink (a bouncing ball) but the Simulink's 3D really sucks (because I'm on Linux and don't have the V-Realm Builder) so I was thinking to use ...
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How to force draw() update on viewport for "fade out" effect?

I couldn't find anything that answered my question, so here it goes: I'm doing a basic draw method that writes something on the viewport, but I want it to fade out. This much I got working. The ...
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problem during script execution

hi I wrote a simple script to take screenshots, but the frames are not updating in the screenshots i.e all screenshots are the same image (a single frame). I introduced a time delay in case blender ...
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Blender python screenshot wait

I am new to python and blender.. But an old c/c++ dev years ago with working knowledge of c#. So concepts are OK.. But knowledge poor lol. I have a script that creates some text then rakes a ...
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