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How to illuminate the darkness inside glass objects in Cycles?

My model has a clear plastic (or glass) dome with objects inside. The objects appear dark. I've tried the glass shader with color 100% RGB, with very small IOR, and using just a refraction shader. ...
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How to understand the math behind Andrew Price's embedding his beer within his glass

I just watched the Blender Guru video How to Make a Beer in Blender and stopped at the point where it advises us to make the liquid slightly larger in diameter than the inner diameter of the glass - ...
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fluid in a glass

I am at beginner level. One of the projects I am doing is to create a glass with fluid. Like a glass of water or a glass of wine. Now I can find quite some tutorials on how to create the glass, but ...
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Is it possible to simulate an optical fiber with cycles?

Is it possible to simulate an Optical Fiber in cycles? E.g. like these: I tried to simulate this with a glass shader with an IOR of 1.62, (a value gotten from ...
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How should a glass material be setup in Cycles?

A glass-shader produces a render like this: Adding a transparent shader creates Where does the border labeled as 1 come from? Why is the outer region (2) more translucent than transparent? Not ...
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Is it Possible to Dynamically Change Object Materals?

For example, make an object glossier after touching another mesh, to make it look wet (dynamic paint?) Or make it appear burned after being close to a flame simulation? (particles + dynamic paint?) ...
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What are alternative methods to Fluid for making a glass appear to be full of liquid?

What are alternative methods to Fluid for making a glass appear to be full of liquid? I just require a quick simple method. I was going to use particles but wondered if anyone had other methods or ...
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How to make liquid's color intensity less, where the geometry is thinner?

I created this ICE TEA. Now I'm after even more realism. I figured that the intensity of the liquid should be less, where the ice cubes are close to the glass, where the liquid is 'thinner'. How to ...
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Why is the liquid's reflection look so weird after the render? (Blender Guru tutorial)

I was doing the coffee cup tutorial that made by Blender Guru,and this happened: The shadow looks weird when there is liquid in the cup.(Look like dimanods?) But everything looks right when there is ...
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Why is this weird line in appearing in Glass material?

I cannot understand why this weird line in appearing in my coffee I decreased IOR of my glass and increased density of coffee. I moved light, checked if I have two materials and nothing is working. ...
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Help with putting liquid in glass in blender

I'm trying to make a beer in a glass in blender, and I am having an issue. I went to render it after I put the liquid in the glass to see how it looked, and the beer part (which is a separate object) ...
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Water in a glass bottle error

I'm having a bit of an issue trying to simulate water in a glass bottle. For some reason there seems to be some refraction that causes the water to bend upwards and creates a weird effect(a sort of ...
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How to improve refraction when object is in a liquid (object)?

To be as simple as possible, I made a martini glass with an olive, toothpick inside of it, and I added the liquid, which is an object with full transmission (Principled BSDF). Made other things and I ...
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Black holes / Water in glass

I try to render mineral water bottle filled with water in Cycles. For testing purposes I use super simple model with absolute flat lighting filled with white color. What is bothering me are the black ...
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plastic bottle having dark shapes at base

I'm facing an issue with my plastic bottle render. There are some dark shapes at the base that I can't seem to eliminate, except by adding a solidify modifier to the liquid. However, I want to avoid ...
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