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"Inside & Outside" volumes IE glass within glass (cycles)

How can we manage "glass" interfaces which have a different volume (absorption) on each side of the interface. For example colored liquid within a colored glass. I understand that to manage correct ...
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Realistic lighting for a translucent liquid

I tried to make like this lighting in blender by adding area lights in two sides, with orange color and with HDRI, but I couldn't achieve what I want. Any tips? . Thank you . .
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Weird texture problem with glass

I'm trying to make a posion, however, when I try and aim the camera,it still shows the wood, not sure what's causing it.
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How to improve refraction when object is in a liquid (object)?

To be as simple as possible, I made a martini glass with an olive, toothpick inside of it, and I added the liquid, which is an object with full transmission (Principled BSDF). Made other things and I ...
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Glass material isn't transparent when looked through another glass material?

I know that this question has been asked a LOT of times before, but none of the answers suited me, so... This is a mesh with glass material applied. And everything is perfect. I can see everything ...
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plastic bottle having dark shapes at base

I'm facing an issue with my plastic bottle render. There are some dark shapes at the base that I can't seem to eliminate, except by adding a solidify modifier to the liquid. However, I want to avoid ...
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refraction of arrow through glass of water

so i have been trying to simulate arrow refraction through a glass full of water where the arrow's direction is reversed. i have applied refraction BSDF to both the glass and the fluid mesh with IOR 1....
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Improving the look of my glass and water

I have worked on and improved my glass since last time and even added some water to it: The glass on the left has 'water' in it, and the glass on the right is an empty glass. I am still however, ...
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Refractive Layer At The Neck Of A Bottle Of Beer

I have been modeling some beer and I noticed this: Where there is a layer of dark at the intersection between the bottle neck and the body of the beer. I modeled the shape of the beer and used the ...
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Mirror-ish reflection on top face of liquid in glass cup model (Beginner)

I am making a Negroni glass and have changed the liquids base colour to an orange (#d0812e). However, the top face of the liquid remains this clear/mirror like colour. Even when putting a HDRI into ...
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