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Morphism using geometry nodes without the Transfer node [duplicate]

In this new version of blender3.4 they take away the transfer node. How can we make a morphism without using it?
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Can't find the node! Which node is available in which Blender version?

It's not hard to lose track of all the Geometry Nodes in Blender, especially since names and function have changed over time. ...But honestly, it's getting pretty tedious. Many tutorials talk about ...
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Obtain position of point in geometry node

I have a mesh in which I have two vertices in a vertex group. I would like to create a line between those two points. For that, I have tried to add a Line node ...
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Transform letters by their instances in geo nodes

I'm doing text animation in geometric nodes. I'm trying to animate the letters around their center, but all the transforms are only applied relative to the bottom left corner. Is it possible to do ...
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Uneven Profile Curve Thickness with Geometry Nodes Curve to Mesh?

I've been trying to build a Geometry Node group that in part is able to create a mesh of even thickness around a three-dimensional curve that features sharp corners. After much research I'm aware that ...
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Geometry Nodes: Changing instances rotation to 'normal' after simulation?

I have this Circuit Board generator which uses the simulation nodes of Blender 3.5 Alpha (simulation node build) How can I rotate the black-and-yellow-dots to point along the surface like so? Press ...
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Geometry Node: Cyclic Curve Morphing

I am trying to morph a straight line to a circle. But the last edge of the circle is not included in the morphed output. How to fix this problem? Edit: I gave the example of the line because it's the ...
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How to rotate elements of a mesh (a.k.a Mesh Islands) individually in Blender 3.3 Geometry Nodes

TLDR: I need to randomly rotate meshes within an object individually (based on their individual origins), using Geo nodes. We now have a "Scale Elements" Node in Geometry Nodes that will ...
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Is it possible to track an animated object within Geometry Nodes with a camera?

Is there a chance to track an object/instance generated inside Geometry Nodes with a camera? Can I provide the coordinates of an animated Object per attribute to an Object Constraint? This is a small ...
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Raycast node: How to only register rays that hit inside

I have set a Raycast node to shoot rays in Normal positive direction. I want to target Sphere object (for height map). It works perfectly for convex shapes, but issued for concave surface. Rays hit ...
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Replacement for the transfer attribute in Blender 3.4

I'm fairly new to geo-nodes in blender and really want to reproduce an effect I've seen in a tutorial. At the timestamp in this video Cleverpoly uses a "transfer attribute" to bring the ...
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Arc Between Edge Endpoints Using Geometry Nodes

Would it be possible to draw a circle arc between edge endpoints of a mesh as shown below? The mesh consists of nothing but the two edges.
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Join points / vertices with a line or curve following an arbitrary given index sequence

How can I join points / vertices with a line or curve following an arbitrary given index sequence. I can have it follow the numerical index sequence 0-1-2-3 See image below. Example: I would like to ...
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Copying normals in Geometry Nodes similar to data transfer modifier

[Blender 3.6.1] I would like to make a Geometry Nodes setup that blends the normals in between objects to get an effect similar to this setup of modifiers: To be more specific, the goal is to have ...
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Obtain Vector of points in geomerty nodes

all answers I have found to this refer to the Transfer Attributes Node but this doesn't exist in Blender 3.6. What I want to achieve is to draw a Mesh Line between a control point of a line (using the ...
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