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How can I add vertices from a given csv-list with x-, y- and z-coordinates? [duplicate]

I have the following situation: I have a stl-file, I write every vertices-coordinates into a csv-file. Then I kind of "arrange" all the values, do some other math-stuff and as a result I get another ...
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Create model from XYZ data points

I'm trying to create a 3D heat map model out of data that I have from a csv file. I have a few thousand data points with XYZ coordinates. I'm able to import the data into blender as a point cloud ...
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Wrapping a mesh around point cloud with cavities

I have a series of point clouds I want to convert to mesh (there are points inside the object, uniformly distributed, not only on the surface). I want to generate a model of the surface of the point ...
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How can I connect a set of vertices to make a 3D model, with a script? [closed]

I have a set of vertices in an spreadsheet from which I want to make an object. I only need it to connect the vertices and then fill in the faces. How can I do this in Blender?
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Importing X, Y, Z data with a know datum

I am an archaeologist and I need help. I want to make a 3-D model of archaeological structures that I have x,y and Z data for. The xyz data are in CSV file format. I could also make a shapefile in ...
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Triangulation using X, Y, Z data file to create an elevation model

I have a raster based height map, which I can convert to X,Y,Z heights, i.e. I can get a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file, which has X, Y and Z values. Since it is a raster, the sampling of the X,Y,...
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Animating water surface from .csv temporal xyz data

I am looking for a tool to create nice animations from the output of my numerical model. So far I have gridded xyz data points for both the surface elevation and the elevation of white-water above the ...
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How do I import a CSV file of XYZ Cartesian coordinates with descriptions and point numbers into Blender?

I have a CSV file in the format "point number, X, Y, Z, point description" in meters. These are WGS84 Earth Centered Earth fixed coordinates where the mass center of the earth is the origin at 0,0,0 ...
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How can I create a 3D model of the CIELAB color space? [duplicate]

My professor and I are trying to create and print a 3D model of the CIELAB color space for one of my Master's studies. He has provided me with a CSV of the color space's data points (which you can ...
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Create Group of Cylinders from a TXT file [duplicate]

I need to visualize a large group (say 200, 300) of cylinders from coordinates stored in a text file. One cylinder per line, defined by X1,Y1,Z1 and X2,Y2,Z2 (start and end), and by a diameter. Is ...
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