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Efficient way to delete all points below z = 0 on grid via Python script

I am trying to create a bowl in Blender by using the Python scipt. My method is as follows: Clear cube in new file Create UV sphere via Add --> Mesh --> UV Sphere Tab (enter edit mode) a' (unselect ...
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Face location, rotation world matrix with x, y, z and bmesh

I'm trying to adapt the excellent information in this post to also include x,y rotations of faces and for a case where any modifiers are taken into ...
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How to get distance of vertices from an arbitrary plane in Python?

I have an arbitrary oriented plane and an object "above" it. I would like to calculate the distance from the plane for each vertex in that object. Hopefully this screenshot illustrates the idea (the ...
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How can I align the 3D cursor to a face / polygon with python

I'm currently trying to align the 3D Cursor to a face / polygon with python on Blender 2.8, to snap one object on the surface, but I don't know how can I achieve that, currently I'm using this as a ...
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How can I select only the front facing polygons of an object?

I want to select the front face, but I don’t want to select the back face ...
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Selecting all coplanar vertices from another mesh

Let's say you have this cube here, with points A, B, C, and D, which are all on the same plane. Then, let's say you have a plane that is perfectly co-planar with points A, B, C and D. It is a ...
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How to translate vertices in line with bone rotation?

I'm trying to create a script that will place two vertices onto a bone, one at the head and one at the tail, and then translate them above the bone so that they are in line with rotation of the bone's ...
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How can I access the values set via normals_split_custom_set()?

I use a variety, of, methods to set the loop normals but want to read them to do some raycasting. I thought I had to call calc_normals_split() then match up ...
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How to get "true" face normal in scaled object?

I work on addon for UV box mapping. In my addon I need to check face normal to sort X,Y or Z oriented faces. By following this topic I found how to compensate object rotation by multiplying object ...
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how to find the angles to set the cylinder direction as perpendicular to the faces(polygons in python) of an object? [duplicate]

I want to find angle of an cylinder so that it will always perpendicular to the position in another object faces. I got face(polygon in python) position by '['...
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Objcet has no mesh data to be used for ray casting

When I try to do a ray_cast in object mode, I get an error “Object has no mesh data to be used for ray casting” I tried to fix it with following the steps: ...
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