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Geometry Nodes: How to use the Random Value node? (Output is red) [duplicate]

I've created a Group node that acts as a geometry switch. Plug in a few different geometries, and the integer you give it determines which geometry actually comes out. It works fine with a Value input,...
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Geometry nodes connection between values [duplicate]

Hello, I don't understand why connecting the random value output and any of the grey inputs on the right doesn't match. What do I need to add? Thanks!
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Proximity to object scale - Geometry nodes [duplicate]

I want to scale different single objects based on their distances to a cube / null. I can't figure it out why the "Geometry Proximity" node fails. I've tried to connect it to the scale value ...
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Why can't I connect a color ramp to an attribute fill node? [duplicate]

I'm trying to set the color of instanced cubes, by setting an attribute, and using that attribute in my material shader When I attach nothing to the value input, i can select a color and it properly ...
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Single real value from Random Value node [duplicate]

How can I make the following possible? Goal is to add a point when a certain condition is met. The problem is that Random Value produces a field and not a single value. Shouldn't it make sense that ...
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Why is the Random Value node output not accepted by the Cube node? [duplicate]

As you can see in the picture, for some reason the vector data generated by the Random Value node is not being accepted by the Cube node. Right below, I show that if the vector is generated by a ...
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Dashed Red Noodle after Compare Node [duplicate]

As can be seen from the attached image, I'm getting a red noodle immediately after using a Compare node. This isn't entirely surprising, as I'm obviously trying to connect a diamond with a circle at ...
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Why i can't use random value node as input for rotation in Transform Geometry in Geometry nodes? [duplicate]

Why is this not possible? I am trying to use random value as random rotation, i even tried align euler to vector node, it also shows red line
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How to set random botttom or top Cone radius in Geometry nodes [duplicate]

Im trying to create random top radius, but when im trying to put Random value in the socket and because random value has circle output and Cone Radius input has diamond shape they dont work I ...
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Why can't I switch geometry based on instance index? [duplicate]

I'm attempting to create a clock using geometry nodes and want to use roman numerals. I have elected to instance the appropriate models of I V and X based on the instance index around a 12 pointed ...
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Why node socket shape is different (diamond vs circle)?

I am not able to figure out why these node socket looks different.
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Can't get the switch node to accept my value input

I'm new to Blender and geometry nodes. I've made this simple node tree which is supposed to populate a mesh with two different objects based on a simple piece of math on the index. My problem is, I ...
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Why can't the radius of an Icosphere be set depending on position with geometry nodes

The question is best described with pictures. Why is it not possible to set the size of the Icosphere by putting the scale value in the radius input depending on the distance to the point? Any static ...
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How can I get a list of floats from a texture?

I'm trying to have a grid of cylinders with different heights, using Geomery Nodes. My initial idea was to use a Noise Texture to get a field of values that I then give to a Cylinder primitive. This ...
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Why can't this simple object be fed with a float value?

I want to get the length of the Y axis when a circle rotates dynamically changing the length of a cylinder, but the connection of the geometry node doesn't seem to work, I see both the output and ...
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