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Geometry Nodes - Generating geometry per instance [duplicate]

I understand, with Geometry Nodes, that I can generate something procedurally, e.g., a tree. I also know that, with "Distribute Points on Face," I can generate a forest from, say, a ...
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Why can't the radius of an Icosphere be set depending on position with geometry nodes

The question is best described with pictures. Why is it not possible to set the size of the Icosphere by putting the scale value in the radius input depending on the distance to the point? Any static ...
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How can I get a list of floats from a texture?

I'm trying to have a grid of cylinders with different heights, using Geomery Nodes. My initial idea was to use a Noise Texture to get a field of values that I then give to a Cylinder primitive. This ...
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"Instance on Points" node connection with a mesh function of the index?

(Using Blender 3.6.5) To save your time, notice that similar questions were already posted with detailed answers. Here are some well documented resources: (1) Why is there a red line when I try to ...
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Staggered palm frond leaves with Geometry Nodes?

I'm trying to create a procedural palm frond style plant with geometry nodes that has instanced leaves staggered along a stem (curve object). And these staggered leaves are roughly 180 degrees ...
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Is there a way to force blender dynamically calculate the (random values of) Geometry nodes for instances used in another geometry node modifier? [duplicate]

Currently just playing around to learn ins and outs of geometry nodes. I am trying to make a bush-like plant - that potentially could be used as a branch for a tree, and possibly the trees would be ...
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Nodes: How to distribute different dynamically created objects of a NodeGropup to individual points?

I've only recently started trying out the Blender software. But I enjoy this great program every day. I have the following problem: My current goal is to dynamically create objects and display them on ...
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How to apply random noise texture to instances?

What I had in mind was to use Geometry Nodes to take a sphere and apply a noise texture to distort the surface into an odd shape, then distribute that sphere as many instances on a surface. (...
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Randomising input of geometry node, instantiated via "Instance on points" [duplicate]

I have a geometry nodes setup to procedurally generate a tree. The nodes take a series of values for group input to modify how the tree is rendered; some of these are fields, some are simple values. ...
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How can I drive the value of a node in the geometry node tree of an instanced object? [duplicate]

.blend file: I have a fairly simple Geometry nodes tree for adding wings to a butterfly mesh object. The wings are added by instancing two different mesh objects on two points: I can change the ...
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(Geometry Nodes) Instance on Points: Create Array Of One Object With Random Group Input Values [duplicate]

I have created a Geometry Nodes patch, which is able to switch between multiple Objects (simple number Meshes; Range: 1-8 ; Group Input: "NUMMER") in different types (e.g. Solid Green Look, ...
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Is there a way for a Geometry Node to get a value from an Instancer custom property, e.g., on the object's collection instance?

I'm trying to make a Collection Instance asset that contains objects with Geometry Nodes, and be able to have parameters on the Collection Instance affect the Geometry Nodes. For example: I have an ...
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How to set random botttom or top Cone radius in Geometry nodes [duplicate]

Im trying to create random top radius, but when im trying to put Random value in the socket and because random value has circle output and Cone Radius input has diamond shape they dont work I ...
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Randomize values for each nested Geonode? [duplicate]

I have a nested geonode of generated plants, and I want to randomize these plants with another geonode. But once I plug into a random value into the instanced plant, it shows me an error. Is there a ...
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How do I extract the width of Bounding Box node of a Collection with multiple objects? [duplicate]

I’m trying to use a Bounding Box node and extracting its width to transfer it to the window. The problem is I can’t find a way to do this operation on a Collection. I’m trying to create this setup: ...
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