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How can i make two objects move together? [duplicate]

how can i make 2 objects move together? i am creating a Minecraft animation, and need the sword to move with my hand. I have tried Ctrl+G, yet it still doesnt move together
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Lighting move with object movement [duplicate]

I'd like to attach a light to a specific object. I used "ctrl j" but it's not permanent. For example a car or street light that I can move around the scene etc. I change my mind a lot.
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Assigning a parent to mesh causes mesh to change location [duplicate]

I have an Empty, not located at the origin. When I parent a mesh to the empty, the mesh changes location. I don't understand this functionality in Blender. Is there an option to prevent this from ...
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How do i parent to my mesh in blender [duplicate]

Good day i have another question. I'm making a good progress in rigging. thanks too the this community but i encountered a problem When i move the character the collar doesn't follow. The character ...
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difference between picker parent and ctrl-p parent? [duplicate]

difference between picker parent and ctrl-p parent? when I use the picker to parent the sphere object to cube the sphere moves from place of origin, but if I parent sphere to cube with ctrl-p, sphere ...
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parenting problem [duplicate]

please I try to make a parent between two objects, I select the two object and press ( ctrl + p ), but the parenting menu does not appear, and the program reject to make parenting
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Is it possible to group several objects and then manipulate them (scale, rotate, translate) as one?

I've never been quite able to figure out how groups work in Blender (at least not since 2.5/6x). Is it possible to group several objects and then manipulate them (scale, rotate, translate) as one?
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Is there a way to select the children of a parent object?

Say I have a set of objects parented to another object, for the sake of this example say they are parented to an empty. If I have the empty selected, is there a way of quickly selecting all the ...
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How to remove a node from a frame?

Frames are great for making node trees more understandable. However one annoying feature about them is that they trap any nodes that get accidentally dropped over them. So how do I get a node out of a ...
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Which object should be selected when selected to active is check for texture baking?

Which object should be selected when selected to active is checked for baking, the one I'm baking to or from? I can never remember which one.
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How do I rotate a group of objects?

I have a group of objects, 3 cylinders and 2 text objects. I am able to rotate a single cylinder by adding a rotation keyframe on scene 1 and setting the z rotation to 359 and adding a keyframe on the ...
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Rotate whole animation by 90 degrees

I make my animation and now I realized that its pointed in wrong direction I used -y (native blender) as direction but I need to be pointed at x axis so what would be the easiest way to rotate whole ...
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How would I attach text to a tracked point on video clip

I am using Ubuntu 15.04 and Blender 2.72b. I've got a video clip where I want to display some annotation-like text next to some potatoes on a white table. The potatoes move a little in the video so I ...
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Make Camera System Look at Empty

I have a camera System that is supposed to look at the empty in my scene. It should only move, not rotate. It should rotate in two parts. One, the actual sensor body...
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How to move a complex object to the origin without destroying it?

I have a complex object far away from the origin of the scene itself. If I mark all parts and use the Geometry to Origin function, the complex object gets crumbled,...
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