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Can you convert mesh to 2D curve in Geometry Nodes? [duplicate]

I have two mesh objects (simplified here to be a square and a Z-shaped mesh): I would like to sweep Mesh #1 (the square) along the profile of Mesh #2 (the Z-shape), using Geometry Nodes. I do this by ...
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Question regarding the Geometry node "Curve to Mesh" [duplicate]

I'm trying to make a sweep with the geometry node but I can't achieve the result I want. My final object is totally deform.My goal is to obtain the left object. For the left object I use the 2D curve ...
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Geometry Nodes: Mimic miter joints: Set Curve Point Radius based on vertex angle? [duplicate]

I wanted to use curve to mesh to add thickness to lines, but in this case I would want miter joints, or adjust corners at sharp angles to keep line thickness uniform. This might be achieved by setting ...
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2D Curve functionality using geometry nodes - Blender 3.3 LTS [duplicate]

When using a curve as a path and adding another curve object as a bevel object, if I choose 2D for the path curve, the ends of the path match the bevel object - the resulting object looks uniform. ...
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Translation of curve line is deforming and switch over ways in geometry node [duplicate]

Im trying to create a road with polygones then use geometry nodes for control, lines, border, and more. So my idea is to select the externe points of the mesh todrive a second line follow exactly the ...
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Where is Transfer attribute in 3.4?

Where is Transfer attribute node in 3.4? I don't find it in the list of nodes:
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How can I make a perfect sweep with bevel object in Bezier curve(3d) (Pipe)

I can't create a Pipe 3D without annoying shrinkage in the corner of my bezier curve using bevel object. Those are my step. I create a bezier curve (on 3 axes) transforming two corner in Vector ...
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How can I scale a 2D shape with constant thickness inwards

Suppose I have a mesh or a simple curve consisting of four (or some more) points. Now I want to scale them inward with constant distance to the edges. This works fine (with a little effort) under some ...
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Animate arrows along curves and lines with multiple points

I need to make an animated flow diagram with many arrows - some curved, some straight lines with 90 degree corners. I would like to make the process easily repeatable, so I draw a path, and the arrow ...
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Get Rid of Creases due to "Curve to Mesh" Geometry Nodes Profile Curve

I have a 2D polyline curve: On this curve I add these geometry nodes: My resulting geometry has these weird creases in it. What would be the simplest way to get rid of them? I have tried resampling ...
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How to get solid right angles with python?

Using the script below I encounter the same non-orthogonal corners as already asked here, but my bmesh is three dimensional, not flat. Is my current skin modifier ...
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How to Fix Even Thickness - Solidify Geometry node

How can I fix this thickness problem ? What should I modify to resolve the problem ?
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