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Geometry Nodes: How to make tube from curve [duplicate]

Given a curve node's output (in this case, a quadrilateral Bezier), how can I get a tube shape? I'm looking to make a rope from the curve.
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Texture coordinate on geometry nodes rope from Default Cube's tutorial (texture coordinates over profile curve) [duplicate]

I was trying to follow this tutorial to create a rope using geometry nodes: And at 10:14 he does a step where he uses the curve parameter factor as a ...
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Why are some mesh faces sized differently on my UV map? [duplicate]

Blender newb here, v4.1. I am attempting to build a tree procedurally from geometry nodes, learning from a couple examples like this one and this one. Honestly things are going great with the ...
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UV maps and smooth shading in geometry nodes [duplicate]

I am struggling with getting UV maps and smooth shading to work properly at the same time for a mesh generated along a curve using geometry nodes. I have seen some solutions/workarounds (https://...
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Texture coordinates on 3 profile curves within 1 geometry nodes setup (Default cube rope tutorial) [duplicate]

I must preface this by saying that I have a very limited knowledge of Geo nodes, so this may come off as quite stupid. I followed Default cubes GN rope tutorial(
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How to capture UVs in Geo Nodes [duplicate]

I am trying to capture the UVs of a plant which I am building with geo nodes. In the Blend file, you'll find "Geometry Nodes.001" and "Geometry Nodes.002". The latter is the ...
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I want to realize a bridge zigzag rope with geometry nodes

Suppose I have two upper and lower curved ropes in a geometry node, I would like to achieve a zigzag rope in that section. Ideally, I would like to learn the points of the upper curve and the points ...
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How can I separate curve from profile using Geometry Nodes?

How can I separate curve from profile like shown in the example image below?
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Geometry Nodes: Select profile and length loops independetely after curve to mesh

I am trying to capture the profile and length loops independently after converting a curve to mesh. So far it only works when the profile resolution is even. When the profile resolution is an odd ...
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How to correct stretching of the texture in curve?

I want to apply this texture to the curve. But the scaling of texture stretches (right end) whenever I extrude the control points.. And If I add subdivision, it is affecting the other segments of the ...
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Getting Uneven UV for Curve in Geometry Nodes with Capturing Attributes

I've seen this questions posted in places before, but haven't found an easy workaround yet. There's this answer but it's kind of complex... The standard way to do this as mentioned in this thread is ...
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Geometry Nodes: UVmap of curve to mesh with round caps

In this topic Quellenform explains nicely how to get the UVmap from a curve to mesh. On the internet there are also other ways, for example with the use of a ...
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Is there a way to have an adaptive uv on a curve?

I am working on a rope sculpture where I will hand draw several curves. I have found an answer (Texture coordinate on geometry nodes rope from Default Cube's tutorial (texture coordinates over ...
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Voronoi texture inconsistent over curve?

Basically what i have here are three curves with an object bevel that i wanted to have this embroidery—stitching look to them with the stitching going perpendicular to the curve. I found a yt tutorial ...
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Creating Procedural UVs from mesh

I am attempting to create UVs for a series of 3D brush strokes. I only have the mesh data which is built like amorphous tubes as seen in the images below. If I were doing just a few of these I suppose ...
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