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Is it possible to make visible spotlight lightrays? [duplicate]

I'm using a Spotlight on one of my scenes, first I planned to make the effect of the lightrays on other editing software, but maybe it's possible on Blender. It is possible to make a spotlight look ...
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How do I make sunlight emit between clouds? [duplicate]

Many tutorials show how to make mist and have light go through a window and it's pretty straightforward, however, what puzzles me is how do you do that when you emit beams of light between clouds? ...
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Ray effect in cycles [duplicate]

I am trying to make it so that there are "beams" coming out of the top of an object. Here is a crappying drawing: I have made this so far:
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Rendering smoke in Cycles?

I am trying to render smoke in cycles, but the relevant blender manual page is designed for Bender Internal. I have everything set up except for the material. I imagine you would set up the material ...
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Atmospheric lighting in cycles

How would I go a about making volume light beams? I have have tried various tutorials, but they must be for a older version. as applying them does seemingly nothing. A link to a functioning ...
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How can a light cone (volumetric) be setup with cycles?

I tried to reproduce the results from the Docs on volumetric lighting unfortunately the video link is broken. And I might have overlooked some related settings. The spot light is barley visible on ...
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Correct way to render crepuscular rays in cycles?

While trying to use the new cycles volumetric rending features to create crepuscular rays (with the intention of updating my answer here), I have found this to be a little trickier than I anticipated. ...
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How to use the volume socket in Cycles?

I don't understand what the volume socket of the shader output (in Cycles) does. Just for experimentation, I tried plugging an emit shader into the volume and a glass shader into the surface to create ...
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How to add thin wispy clouds or fog to my blender 3d scene of building

When I add a smoke particles (clouds) it seems to be thick and an a certain elevation. I'd like to have thin clouds around the tops of buildings. Is there a different method?
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Transparent laser focus

Did I understand the answer in this post correctly? It says that due to the fact that volumetric lighting is not implemented yet, creating a transparent laser focus with visible molecular spheres in ...
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Cycles & Blender Render for God Beams / Crepuscular Rays / Sun Beams

I'm having trouble getting the actual beam of light to show in the render of my image. What I want to do is create an image that looks like this: However, In blender render I am unable to get the ...
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How to make light leaks or sun ray? [duplicate]

I saw this awesome artwork from Mohamed Chahin on instagram. Does anyone know how to make the sun ray?
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