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How to create a Round Edges Effect on an object? [duplicate]

I'm able to import an object into Blender which was created in MagicaVoxel. The object keeps the desired texture in Blender and looks like this in Edit Mode. I want to add a "Rounded Edges" ...
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Improve texture rendering [duplicate]

I cannot understand why my rendering looks so fake. Can you give me your advices ? Here it is nodes shader : EDIT : I would like to get this object modeled
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How to smooth shade an object while retaining hard edges?

I frequently come to the problem of having a mesh with parts I would like to render smooth and "hard" edges connecting them. How can I set the mesh to show the sharp edges but render everything else ...
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How can I round the edges of a mesh?

I have looked at other similar questions on this site but couldn't answer my question. I have a model made of cubes the edges look very sharp (I would put a picture here but I don't have the required ...
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Most efficient way to round edges

In this simple model I first rounded the corner edges of the shape using bevel, with 16 segments (1st pic). Then I selected everything and applied a second very small bevel of 1 segment, to give the ...
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How to create a simple extruded box model?

I am new to Blender and was wondering how I'd build a shape like so in blender? I.e. what tools are usually used for these type of organic curves?! the walls are 1mm thick and im wondering how would I ...
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Simulating rounded edges on a mesh

I'm looking to create the illusion of rounded or beveled edges without actually adding new geometry as a batch process for multiple types of meshes, from something as simple as a cube to very complex. ...
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How can I create an L shape with two beveled sides?

I've been trying to get this right but it seems like I get stuck every time. This is what I'm looking for, but time and time again I've been stumped. I have to add this boolean difference to it when ...
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Trying to create a roof with curved intersecting parts

I am in the process of learning on how to work with Blender, with great advances. Still, I face myself being stuck on working with more complex stuff from my point of view, due to lack of experience. ...
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is it possible to easily create this effect on a mesh i modeled from a single vertex?

I recently started work on a sword hilt to which I was later going to add a different blade and handle style to, however as i modeled this mesh flat and from a single vertex extruded to reduce the ...
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Create nor equal side of cube with fixed width of bavel?

I am creating a simple 3d model like a brick. I want to add bavel for rounded corner and edge with same width. But I did it failed, each face with different rounded curve. Can anyone teach me how to ...
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