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Blender Materials (Shader) into Unity [duplicate]

I would like to have that Materials in unity as well, but they are grayed out in there, what should I do?
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Materials have no color when put in unity [duplicate]

So I am just adding a sphere that has just 1 material to unity and when I add it to the asset folder there's no material, When I extract material its just a blank material. I have tried EVERYTHING ...
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Importing Cycles Materials to Unity [duplicate]

I am creating a map for a game I have been working on and I really like the Material I have made for it. I have learned about Cycles baking but the mesh is so large (5 miles x 5 miles) that it won't ...
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Baking a diamond Material [duplicate]

I made a diamond material for my mesh diamond. How can i bake the material as a texture for the diamond, so i can it export for a game
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Wine glass isn't transparent when imported to unity [duplicate]

I've been trying to create this wine glass object for my game and 3D modelling is completely new to me and I followed all the steps of a tutorial to the best of my knowledge. But when I convert it to ...
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Having problems with exporting to OBJ [duplicate]

Hey guys i have a question i did a house model and i have a plenty of good materials with normal map, multiply shaders is there anyway i can join this all together to make a bake in order for me to ...
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UV output mapping [duplicate]

I am a noob. My app developer wants me to send him my scans with UVs mapped out. I have only basic UV knowledge. I can unwrap, add a texture and save the files okay. But he wants me to export FBX ...
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How do I add (a chrome) texture without a 2D image? "TxDiffuse missing" error [duplicate]

I'm importing multiple identical linked objects into a game asset. I want the objects chrome. I found this thread on "making a chrome texture in eevee:" How to make a chrome texture in ...
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How to export model with custom material? [duplicate]

this seems like such a simple "just google it" thing, but nothing I've found has worked for me. I have a model with a custom material that I want to export into Unity. I've applied an image ...
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How to export materials from blender to unity [duplicate]

Does anyone know how to export shaders or materials from Blender to Unity? Any help is appreciated Thank you
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FBX export why there are no materials or textures?

I used node textures in a mesh I exported to FBX. I then imported it into Unreal Engine 4, and it didn't import any textures; I clicked the Upload Textures option in Unreal Engine. Is there something ...
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Possible to bake texture to new UV map?

I have a finished model where the UV maps overlap - lots of wood that isn't detailed to be particular to the model. I'd like to re-map the texture so that specific details can be added. I'd like to ...
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Which object should be selected when selected to active is check for texture baking?

Which object should be selected when selected to active is checked for baking, the one I'm baking to or from? I can never remember which one.
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Exporting cycles rendered models to be used in opengl

The cube in top left corner is the default cube with change in view port color. I added checker texture to it using nodes and got it rendered using cycles render. When I exported them to be used via ...
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Can I only use "Materials" to color the model?

People usually use uv map to color their models. But I found videos where people only use "Materials" for coloring. For example: On 9:35 they used only "...
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