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How do I add a non-deformed end cap to a tube?

I want to create some parts that I can reuse for models. I was trying to make a steam punkish exhaust pipe. I want to be able to make the pipe of any length, and as curvy as I like but I want to keep ...
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Rounded caps on a Bezier Curve pipe

This may be a simple question. Essentially I am procedurally generating random 3D figures using a bezier curve and bezier circle bevel object, however, one of the only things I can't figure out how ...
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What is causing this stretched shading on the mesh and how can I fix it?

I am modeling a Z GT500 and I have this weird stretched shading/reflection on the rear panel: Despite the topology is somewhat fine. Can looptools fix this or is there any other way? I include a ....
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Transfer Normals onto geometry nodes point instances

here i have an object that i have scattered spheres on with distribute points on faces and instance on points, as you normally do. you can see that the spheres have their own normals. is there any way ...
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Make profile curve resolution variable across the spline

With geometry nodes I would like to convert spline into mesh in a way, where result mesh (tube) profile resolution is based on the main spline factor. Like for example on start of the spline (factor 0)...
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Geometry Nodes: How to set curve line rotation to another curve's tangent?

Description: In this scene, I want to create a series of vertical planes along a horizontal curve circle. These planes must be created using a vertical curve line node. They were turned into 2D planes ...
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Generate curve caps with geometry nodes [duplicate]

I'm trying to model a bunch of fiber-optic cables, as seen in many images: with the end of the cable lit. The cables per se are easy to model: A bunch of curve circles spread around a bigger circle, ...
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GN writes an attribute that intervenes in the normal direction and provides it to the shader,

I want to use gn to achieve the effect like Susan's below. How can I use gn to create an attribute that interferes with the normal direction and pass it into the shader? thank you very much
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Caps on Curve (Geometry Nodes) not included in my Shader / Capture Attribute complete Geometry

Sorry for the newbie question: I need rounded Caps on curves using Geometry Nodes. So I followed various tutorials and ended up combining elements from these two
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Lighting up a letter from one end to the other - Like a 3D "progress bar"

I would like to animate a 3D letter gradually filling with light from one end (kind of like a 3D "progress bar" that goes around corners). I would also ike to ensure that the light has a ...
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Geometry Nodes Growing Ivy. Problem with instanced leaves

could you help me out with something? I have made a node setup to create an ivy growing animation on another object. I have come far, but i cant get rid of 2 problems: when i let my ivy curve grow ...
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Custom caps for curve to mesh [duplicate]

I want to create tubes using geometry nodes. I want to use different materials for the caps and the sides. I reduced it to a solid strand while i solve my rotation issue. The problem is that I can't ...
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