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Animate a plane that transforms to a mesh? [duplicate]

How could I animate a plane that transforms to a sphere using Blender ? I know you can transform a cube to a sphere using shape keys, but is this possible for a plane ?
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Wrapping a flat plane around a sphere [duplicate]

What I'm trying to accomplish is to be able to wrap a plane of objects onto a sphere. Think of it as a plane of varying heights. How should I approached this? I've tried using x and y wrap modifiers ...
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i am trying to make a globe but my simple deform modifier is not working [duplicate]

i am trying to make a globe but my simple deform modifier is not working
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What is the best way to unwrap a sphere?

After reading How to get perfect UV sphere Mercator projection? It seems that there is no perfect solution for getting rid of the stretch at the poles of UV spheres. According to What is the ...
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Making a pineapple

Do you guys know any good ways of making a pineapple in Blender? It can be low poly and cartoonish. So far THIS is best i got
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How can I convert a node made material into an image texture?

I have a sphere having a planet material MADE WITH NODES, and I want to convert this material into an image texture; because this material is made with nodes and only works in Blender, but I want to ...
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Wrap curve around sphere

I couldn't find this anywhere, which is really strange, but I'm trying to wrap a curve, imported from a .svg made with a vector image program around a sphere to create the Earth. Basically, this is ...
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Uv Sphere Unwrap Perfect Square [duplicate]

Hello all i'm trying to do is get this sphere to be unwrapped as a perfect square to fit into the image i've been playing around with the uv settings can't seem to figure it out if anyone here knows ...
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Morph targets: A sphere shape turning into a cylindrical unwrapped sphere shape

I'd like to do an animation where a globe will unwrap it's texture. Go from this to this , but in 3D space, so it will look exactly as its unwrapped form. The only methods I have on mind are ...
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Bend flat, circular object into half sphere

I have a flat circle(1). I want to bend it down into a half sphere non-destructively. I have tried using two Simple Deform (bend) modifiers as described here: How to animate morphing a rectangular ...
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How can I create spherical topology from a 2D image?

I need to create a spherical object with an irregular 3D texture. Think of a globe of the Earth with actual raised topography for mountains, etc. The purpose is to 3D print the object, so the ...
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How may I get a single stripe of color to flow along an object?

I'm toying around and trying to get a single red stripe to flow along the length of a cylinder. I'm trying to copy ideas from this tutorial, but I can't quite get it right. I made a gradient with ...
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Applying a Simple Cylindrical Projection onto a Object

Question: I have a wavefront object that I have imported into blender, and a simple cylindrical projection that I am trying to apply to it. The cylindrical projection is mapped around the prime ...
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Need Technique for Projecting Countries onto the Earth

I've got a project I'm on where I must project some shapefile generated country surfaces onto a globe. Here's where I am currently... Now, the shapefiles I used have excellent vertex resolution about ...
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UV maping a sphere to have stripes runing between both poles?

I tried to map a country flag on a UV sphere, but I could not get it laid out the way how I wanted to see it. I used the Poland flag. I wanted to map it exactly as you can see in picture 1. But what ...
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