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How do I create repeating patterns with cycles' procedural textures

Most people's question in this area is how to reduce repeating patterns, however I want to create them. I'm creating 2d rendered tiles for my game, and I want to create procedural materials for my ...
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Is it possible to give the procedural checkers more than 2 colors?

This is my first stack exchange post so my sincere apologies if i made a mistake. I'm a really big fan of procedural textures and love to mess around with it and get different patterns. One of my ...
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How do texture coordinates work?

How exactly to texture coordinates work? I know they are represented by vectors, but how does a vector store texture mapping information? How does each type of texture coordinates work and what are ...
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How to create a procedural chevron like texture/material?

I'm playing around with nodes within cycles and I'd love to create a chevron like texture like the image below. Anyone an idea how to accomplish this?
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Motion blur on texture

Is it possible to have motion blur on moving texture via variable mapping location coordinates ? I am using cycles. I am trying to have ground animated with motion blur, but don't want to change ...
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How to make pixelated censor effect?

I wonder how to make pixelated censor effect (which can be animated) in Blender (Cycles or BI). In Photoshop it's quite easy (you select the area, go to Filter-->Pixelate-->Mosaic and that's all. It's ...
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How would you create Pixel Art in blender without using a Shader?

How would you create pixel art like this in Blender? I understand Sean Young creates the original sprites in Photoshop and imports them, but how ...
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Blocky noise texture in blender

How do I go about creating a blocky noise texture similar to the one attached. This was done in After Effects using the Fractal Noise effect set to "Block". This answer and this article from the ...
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How to get a pixelated image? [duplicate]

I'm trying to make an animated pixel art sprite. I can render it no problem at its normal size settings, but when I set the image size extremely low, it doesn't come out like it should in avi jpeg ...
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How do I pixelate a texture in Blender 2.91.0?

I have a perfectly clear normal image I'm using as an image texture, now I want to make it pixelated via blender. How do I do that? Some stuff I've learned: Can't use the pixelate node because I'm ...
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Pixelating Grease Pencil (not using the pixelate effect)

Instead of this I want this (I used photoshop to pixelate for demostration) I've wanted to ...
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How could I shade a pixelated texture?

okay so you know in minecraft when you turn of smooth lighting and every block gets shaded a color each? I'm trying to do something similar with shader nodes. This is as close as I've been able to ...
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