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How would I create an arch?

Is there a simple way to create an arch? Different type of arches on wikipedia. I'm interested in the Round arch or Elliptical arch type of arches.
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Is there a modifier to transform proportionally along a circle? (for tri-lateral symmetry)

What I'm actually trying to achieve is a hack for modeling with trilateral symmetry. I'm trying to achieve this with the following modifiers: Starting with a model like: 1 - Mirror Modifier (mirror ...
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Move object in inches instead of feet?

Whenever I move an object in blender in unit mode(Imperial), it always make it in feet. For example, if I type G Y 12, it will move 12 feet. How can I make it move 12 inches instead?
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How to make an arch in a model w/o Bezier Curves and w/o adding separate objects?

I would like to curve a line in order to make a medieval door. I'm talking about this curve: I can't understand and I can't find any tutorial that tells you how to make this kind of curves, also I ...
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Can't make circular array around an empty

I'm trying to make a circular array of objects around an empty, as most tutorials suggest however whenever I do this I get a load of weird random sized objects appearing. It looks like the dimensions ...
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Array modifier not working as expected [duplicate]

I'm trying to create a car rim in Blender. However when I try to add array modifier, and rotate the instances around empty, they are not in the same distance from the center (as shown in the image). I ...
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How do I create four circular copies in edit mode?

I am creating this simple windmill model for a tutorial: I have created one blade. What is the most efficient method to create the other three spaced 90 degrees apart around the main shaft? Array ...
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Can I use array modifiers to create staggered rows of blocks in a dome?

I have built up a number of courses of blocks on a dome I'm building using array modifiers and NURBS circles. It works pretty well but each row of blocks starts at the same place, so the first several ...
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how do you spin-duplicate an object to make a grenade? [duplicate]

I ma making a grenade like this one in the image: And I have the main bumpy part here: so I want to spin them to make that shape, but nothing seems to work. Any ideas? Thanks.
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What's the best way to make a long, hollow cylinder composed of filigree?

I'd like to make a pen composed of wavy filigree, similar to overlapping vines with hollow spaces between the "vines." The overlapping of vines holds the cylindrical shape. How would we go about ...
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How can I use the Array modifier correctly? [duplicate]

I want this This is my screen. version is 2.90.1 What's wrong with the array modifier?
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