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Flatten mesh with no distortion [duplicate]

I am using Blender as the basic 3d tool to design the paper craft (like origami, but with die-cut). My question is that is it possible for me to flatten the mesh with the polygon undistorted? So that ...
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Print model for craft object? [duplicate]

How do I unfold a model in a way that its print ready for paper crafting? Ive tried 123D Make for crafts and its not working out the way I want it too, also I dont have windows for Pepakura (?)
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Flatten faces for plywood sheet cutting [duplicate]

bit of a beginner here. I'm using Blender to design an electronic Cello. I want to flatten out the faces highlighted here so I can saw from a flat sheet of thin plywood which will then be wrapped to ...
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Blender to Papermodel? [duplicate]

I'm trying to make papermodels out of my Blender projects. Google's only remotely useful result was the program Papakura, which I cannot get because I have Linux. I'm not able to run it with WINE. I ...
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How to make all quads or ngons on your mesh planar (2d)?

I want the quads in my mesh to be planar, or flat, that is, the 4 points of the quad could all be on the same plane. Or in other words, they need only x and y values to describe their "local" position....
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How to unwrap grid-topology mesh without stretches?

In a forum somebody stated that good UVs should be stretch free. I have therefore tried to make my UVs as stretch-free as possible: Could somebody tell me if it is actually true that good UVs should ...
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How to unfold an entire mesh into a flat object? (Not UV Unwrap)

Is it possible to unfold the geometry into a plane without distorting the faces, Just like a paper cutoff inside blender?
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How to unwrap a model in 3d viewport (not UV unwrap)

I have a model that looks like this I want to unwrap it along the seam to be used for further modelling in the viewport. I want to unwrap it and re-wrap onto another cylinder of bigger radius. I ...
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Matching blender dimensions to paper cutout [closed]

I just discovered that you can export your blender model as a paper model, that you can later cut out. Github:
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How to export an UV layout with the same size as the original 3D object

I'm using the UV unwrap function to get the 2D template of my 3D object. After this I export the UV layout as an .svg so I can reload this in blender and make a mesh out of it which can be used for 3D-...
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"Unfolding" a low-poly mesh without distorting it. I wanna build the result from paper but after using a standard UV-unwrap, nothing fits anymore

Basically the title. I have a Low-Poly Mesh (of an Elephant head). Maybe about 25 faces. If I UV-unwrap it and then print/cut up the result with paper, nothing fits together because it was distorted (...
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Creating a UV mesh to a specific shape

I have recently started using blender for work, with the idea being to show the customer their sticker kit design on the go kart bodywork. I have modelled the bodywork with a certain degree of ...
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