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How to change base color of a Principled BSDF Material? [duplicate]

I'm trying to use the blender python API to change the base color of multiple materials from an object. I'm pretty new to the bpy and the documentation is likely poor. This is my selected object, and ...
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How to access shader node via Python script? [duplicate]

Above is the material I've created. I exported my model to .obj from Blender. From a Python script (I have Blender compiled as a Python Module), I import my .obj file. I then attempt to set the ...
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Change nodes position through scripts [duplicate]

I'm Creating some nodes through python script. The problem is that all the nodes are overlapping each over. I just wanna programatically re position those nodes. How to do this? ...
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Blender scripting- How do I link Nodes? [duplicate]

Im trying to figure out how to link two nodes in Python. So far Ive found some pretty limited documentation here, but it gives you no idea what arguments the operator takes or how to use it. So for ...
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Change custom Node input through Python console [duplicate]

I have a custom node simulating a laser: The node itself is pretty complex with rotations and whatnot, but it's attached to a Lamp object. In short what it does is illuminate a pixel if some ...
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How to use blender change material color with python [duplicate]

I have a model about blender,there is a object (name's car_AudiA8) with multi-material,I want to copy a new object from the object ("car_AudiA8"),then change new object's color and old object's color ...
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A Way to Create Blender Materials in Text or Script? (Included: Script to Retexture SFM Models in Blender!) [duplicate]

I have a model from Source Filmmaker that has a bunch of different textures. It's all imported and ready to be textured using Blender nodes, but since there are so many objects (over 40) in this ...
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How to add an emission node with a specific color to a material and add that material to an object? [duplicate]

So far I have seen this and this both which did not work for me. Currently I have: ...
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How can I apply a basic material to an object using python in cycles render? [duplicate]

I would like to be able to apply and edit a material to objects I have create using python script. I am using the cycles render engine but can't find a way to get this to work. I've tried a bunch of ...
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Example of creating and setting a Cycles material node with the Python API [duplicate]

I'm trying to set the properties of a Cycles material, which is linked to a Plane object, using the API. So far this is what I'...
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How can I change the Viewport Display Color of a material with Python? [duplicate]

I am trying to create a script that resets the viewport display color of all selected objects that have a material. I'm talking about this value: Any help would be appreciated!
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simple python script to add nodes [duplicate]

I almost have no clue regarding python and scripting, and I was wondering if there is a simple script to create two nodes in the shader editor. Something like this: UV map → Image texture That's it....
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Shaders Nodes - Attaching and detaching nodes with python [duplicate]

I would like to import an image as a plane, then add a MixShader and a Transparent BSDF, detach the Material Output Surface link, attach the BSDF to the MixShader, to the Material Output, then add the ...
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Add a created group in a node tree exploiting python [duplicate]

I have created a node tree in a different blend file, and I just need to add it as a group exploiting a script. In the following figure there is the "manual" procedure. I have tried to add ...
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How to apply a texture via Python? [duplicate]

I'm not at all sure what the title of this question should be. In the following image, you can see how I've used the Shading editor to create a texture. What I want to do is to do this via python. ...
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