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What coordinates are chosen by default in Texture nodes? [duplicate]

I have created a texture coordinate node and then deleted it. This action shows a small difference after rendering and I'm interested in describing this difference in words.
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What is Generated Mapping and UV Mapping? And what is the difference? [duplicate]

Well, basically that's it. What are this texture mapping modes? Is there pros and cons of each one?
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How do I create repeating patterns with cycles' procedural textures

Most people's question in this area is how to reduce repeating patterns, however I want to create them. I'm creating 2d rendered tiles for my game, and I want to create procedural materials for my ...
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How to pixelate a texture in Cycles?

I've been creating various camouflage patterns using Cycles material nodes. Now I want to create a digital camouflage pattern like the one below. My first thought was to pixelate a noise pattern. I'...
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How to build a Shader for Anodized Aluminium

I have modelled this smart phone based on Iphone 6 reference images. The rendered image of the back of the phone looks like this: If I look at real life images of this "Iphone 6 Space Gray" I feel ...
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Control a property with no socket (color ramp swatch, etc) from a Group Node input?

Sometimes I create Material Groups to be used as appendable reusable assets. Unfortunately sometimes parameters I want to control using a Group Node's slider are not available for routing to a Group ...
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How to make a 'rocky' material with procedural bump?

If I have a modeled rock and I want to somehow to add details to it like the ones from an Asteroid (like, little holes) which kind of Node setup should I need? My actual node setup (it's on cycles) ...
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How to create a hologram projection with light rays?

I am attempting to make a template for holographic effects in blender for a project I'm working on, however I'm not sure how to create a lighting effect for the projection of the hologram (The god ...
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What is the difference between Unwrap and Smart uv project?

I'm trying to baking my high poly onto my low poly mesh. Should i use Unwrap or Smart uv project? What's the difference between them??
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Texture Coordinate vs Geometry Node

When working with generated texture coordinates I see sometimes the Texture Coordinate (generated) and sometimes the Geometry (Position) node used. What is exactly the difference ?
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What is the difference between "Generated" and "Normal" texture coordinates?

I cannot understand from the documentation the difference in the Texture Coordinate node (in Shader) between Generated and Normal, and even the purpose of the Texture Coordinate node itself, which I ...
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How to change scale of a texture through nodes

I have created a wave texture which I assigned to one face, this is the object rendered: This is the node setup: I have set the wave type to be "rings", but in the rendered object these rings are ...
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Making an Invisible Material in the Cycles render engine

I'm a newcomer to Blender and have created a scene in which I want to animate the disappearance of an object. I don't know if this is the 'right' way to do this, but I managed to get the desired ...
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Picture projection on smoke simulation?

It's been a little while i'm using Blender now, but I never did try to simulate smoke yet. I have to work on titles for a little movie and I was wondering if it was possible to make a picture ...
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How do you try different random seeds for noise texture node?

Using Blender 2.76 and cycles, I'm trying to color an object with the Noise Texture node, among others. The resulting object looks like this: I'm happy with the basic colors, but I'd like to try ...
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