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First time using bevel tool, doesn't bevel evenly. What am i doing wrong? [duplicate]

First off I'll let you know I'm a total noob at blender I've used 3ds Max up until this point, but the company I'm working for at the moment needs me to use blender so I'm trying to make the ...
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Bevel edge rounds more on 1 side than another side [duplicate]

I am trying to bevel a rectangle edge to make rounded edges but when I bevel, I am rounding more of one side compared to the shorter side of the rectangle. How can I bevel the same amount on both ...
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How to bevel an edge evenly? [duplicate]

When I try to bevel this edge one side is much longer than the other. I realize this is because the rectangle is much longer than how tall it is but I want to be able to evenly bevel it? Can someone ...
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Bevel Perfectly Round Corner Irrespective of Face Length [duplicate]

In this screenshot, I have a rectangular-shaped mesh that is taller than it is wide: I am trying to get a perfectly rounded, symmetrical corner using the bevel tool. Using the green cylinder as a ...
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Can I increase the bevel depth on one face but not on the other? [duplicate]

I'm not sure if I'm even using the correct terms for what I'm doing in adding a bevel, so please correct any incorrect terms or misunderstandings with this! I have a cylinder and I've used a Boolean ...
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I have some problem with the bevel tool [duplicate]

I was trying to emulate Default Cube doing an old looking book, but when I tried to make the rounded part of the cover there is some problem: in the video the 2 selected edges converge in a different ...
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why is beveling working differently on these objects? [duplicate]

so i have these two objects, which are structurally basically the same. If i select the first object, tab into edit mode, select the highlighted edgeloops (shown on the left), and add a bevel with ...
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No choice for beveling edges [duplicate]

Say I've got a thin plate, like a cylinder, that's only 1mm thick - i.e. a disc. I want to bevel the edge all the way around. Whenever I use the bevel tool, it puts the initial slice proportional to ...
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Bevel edges on rectangle not working as expected [duplicate]

I'm trying to bevel edges on a rectangular shape so that it matches the shape of the object behind it(more roundish), but when i do so I end up with a spape shat is proportional to the sides of the ...
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Why is it important to apply transformation to an objects data?

I've watched several tutorials and very often they applied the location, rotation or scale to the object when they transformed it in Object Mode. They always said it is important, but why?
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Thicken Walls of Building without Distortion

I've been designing a building in Blender 2.77a. Tried making the external walls out of scaled and altered cubes, but I had a lot of overlapping faces issues. I then went back and redid it with just ...
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Corner gets skewed by subdivision surface

First of all I'd like to specify that I'm new to Blender and I can do only very basic stuff. That said, I'm trying to model a sink and I need it to have corners with a given radius. I started by ...
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Bevelling sharp interior corners

I am trying to model windows on a somewhat cylinder-shaped object and I cannot figure out how to satisfactorily bevel sharp interior corners of the areas around them. A screenshot of what I am trying ...
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Rounding ends in rectangle [duplicate]

I have a problem with rounding rectangle. I know how to round a cube, but not how to evenly round a rectangular prism. When I use bevel, it does not seem to bevel evenly. But I want to do it correctly....
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Why do symmetrically identical edges bevel differently?

I have a symmetrical object, the base of a column, and when I attempt to bevel the four corners of this object, each corner bevels by a different amount. When I rotate the mesh about the z axis, the ...
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why I am not getting even inset? [duplicate]

I was trying to make the book in blender but when select 3 faces and trying to inset it evenly I got this that you can see in the picture. in my inset option i have only select offset even please help ...
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