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Cause of black artifacts in render?

I was following this tutorial on creating a watch and noticed that when I rendered the watch, some pieces were messed up. I'm new to 3D modeling and I've just learned Blender, I can't explain it well,...
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Why can't I import a SVG file from Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape?

I've tried multiple times to import a SVG file from illustrator CS5.5 to Blender 2.71 and 2.73. However, I do not see a mesh, curve, or anything pop up in my "Outliner" window. So I know its not so ...
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Making 3D object from a SVG file

I am new to Blender, I have never used it. I am searching for software that would allow me to turn my 2D SVG Text created in Inkscape to a 3D text. Something like this Linux Mint Wallpaper: Is it ...
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How do I extrude an imported svg along the z axis without clipping the original shapes?

I have imported an svg and I am using the tutorials here: and here:
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How to convert a .svg to a 3D Model?

I want to achieve the embossed effect seen in the attached image. I have made an svg file and imported it into Blender. I am not sure how to proceed to get that emboss effect. Do I have to follow some ...
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SVG import not showing up,why? [duplicate]

I have a vector image that I want to animate in Blender. I imported the image from file but it does not show up on the Blender workspace. Do I have to tweak some settings in order for it to show up?
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Using SVG to put label on bottle

Can I use SVG artwork to put a label on a model of a vitamin bottle without first changing it to pixels? Does this need to be automated or batch processed?
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Path not filling correctly

I have some paths that have been imported via SVG from Illustrator, and as I was splitting them up, some would fill and some wouldn't. Even after removing extra points and ensuring there wasn't any ...
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Blender will not import my svg in version 2.73 [closed]

Blender will not import my svg image. I'm using inkscape and I made sure to use plain svg.
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OSM (Open Street maps) on Blender plane

I am looking to take OSM data of roads and display it on a 2D plane. (3D objects will come later). I have used FME to convert the data to SVG, But when I import it I get a lot of curves, but they are ...
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