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How to curve my mesh

I'd like to curve my object, but I'm considering two options. The first one is to make the object up with lots of vertices, like a sphere can be. The second is to apply some kind of modifier curve to ...
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How to use array to create circular array without spiralling

I am trying to build a Colosseum. I have one arch and want to use an array for the rest. I've added an empty at the center and added the array. Done the object offset, but no matter what I do I keep ...
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I want to curve an object like a roller coaster using a path [duplicate]

I want to curve an object to make a path like a roller coaster. I just made ​​the basic shape (wooden tablet, left and right binary). How to curve it? Thank you so much.
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How to make an arch in a model w/o Bezier Curves and w/o adding separate objects?

I would like to curve a line in order to make a medieval door. I'm talking about this curve: I can't understand and I can't find any tutorial that tells you how to make this kind of curves, also I ...
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How to join this arc

I have a u shape and i want that 2 vertex join and make a arc. In the image i have shown the u shape black color and red color arc. Can we join the 2 green color pointed vertex and make a arc. Any ...
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How can I make these objects in the shape of a circle [duplicate]

how can I make these objects in the shape of a circle
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How would i curve panels like this?

How would i curve panels on a surface like this? I am making a lobby for a building and i am trying to model this in a cleaner way.
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Spinning existing vertices around a point

I wanted to know if it's possible to rotate a part of a mesh around a point? A bit like what the spinning tool is doing but for the selected vertices of an existing mesh. For example on the image ...
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I am looking for a tutorial that shows the basic steps of the curve modifier. VERY BASIC, PLEASE [closed]

The Blender Manual which uses the monkey on a Bezier curve does not seem relevant. For my modeling, the objects would be a stick that bends as if it were a segment of an arch over a door or window. ...
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How to curve the mesh without using bezier? [duplicate]

i have a little problem in blender. How can i curve the mesh like the image below without using bezier. Thanks !
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Boolean this made arch wtih a plane

I'm trying to boolean this made arch wtih the plane, goal is to the remove the middle part of the wall inside Arch to make is open. Thx
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