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"Select Interior Faces" buggy and unpredictable? [duplicate]

I wrote a tool that outputs a Blender python script that generates a given Minecraft world in Blender using the fewest cubes possible. It's working great, but I'm having terrible difficulty trying to ...
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Deleting the insides of model/ hollowing it [duplicate]

Hi i'd like to ask if i can delete all the faces and vertices from in side my model, Here's my model, it looks fine, but there's problems, like some parts of it have two faces so it sort of glitches....
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How do I delete edges inside my model? [duplicate]

This is my first time working on modeling; but for some reason, there are edges connected inside the modeling and I'm not sure how to delete these.
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Merge touching faces on model

I have a model like in the following image: There is a mesh for this object made of many individual cubic boxes. Every individual box has its own 6 faces, so where they touch with another box, there ...
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Automated way to make "Select interior faces" ignore select faces that are visible to the camera?

Here's my mesh. It has some interior faces (it's made out of merged cubes) that I want to remove. I've highlighted two of them for example: When I run Select Interior Faces, it selects them, but also ...
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Select Interior Face, how to make it work?

I have created a cube with interior faces all over the place. The vertices and edges have all been collasped. Running the Tool Select > Interior Faces ... does strange thing. Does anyone know how ...
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Difference boolean modifier leaving interfaces behind

I'm new to blender. I've made a shape consisting of 4 cuboid meshes which have been joined via face-to-face snapping. I then use them to carve (using the boolean difference modifier) from a larger ...
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Raycast from outside a model to delete all inside faces?

I'm working on a Lego project where I build models out of Lego bricks in LDD and then import them into Blender via various hoops - inside Blender I then optimize them before loading them into Unity ...
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Clean from internal edges and faces

1 month blender newbie question. The first one I ask, because can't google it right. I've created a drawer knob by duplicating and rotating 4 ovoids and later joining them together. It is visually ...
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Blender Interior Faces Selection Behaving Unexpectedly

So the issue I am experiencing is to do with the Select > Select All By Trait > Interior Faces command. From the description it claims to select faces where all edges of that face are touching ...
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delete interior of stl files

I'm looking for an option to delete all interior faces of an STL for printing. Sometimes when I will get a stl ready for print I found out it have inside forms.(like samples on the image) Didn't find ...
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