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"Transparency Clipping" when working with multiple transparent objects [duplicate]

Unsure how to describe this. I am currently working on a particle cannon effect with a core and 3 lightning "tubes" around it. Take a look: First, The elements: The inner core is a simple cylinder, ...
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Png Textures Showing Black Mask when overlapping with other png textures [duplicate]

recently i've been wanting to sculpt a bird, so my first move was testing out feathers and noding them up. Everything was going great, the transparency was working the textures were working but when i ...
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Black artifacts when looking through many transparent objects?

Using v2.73, cycles and a very simple scene: an array of cubes, no big deal. If I set the shader's material to transparent, the cubes in the foreground do become transparent but those far away in the ...
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Prevent Transparent from casting Shadows [duplicate]

I am trying to animate rolling dice and i dont want them to go out of bounds in relation to my camera so, I put a transparent fence around them but the problem is when i try to render it there are ...
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Transparency on complex objects in blender

Ok so Ive been a user of blender now for 7 - 6 years and I absolutely love the program especially cycles but ive had a problem for at least 2 years of me using cycles when I give a complex shape a ...
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Remove intersecting geometry from wire

I try to render an image of a model made of optical fibre. I create it by extruding a cirle along a path. When I apply a glass material I get a very dark render image. I think this is caused by ...
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Dark areas on transparent planes [duplicate]

I got a little problem with transparency in Blender. If I load a texture and use it as foliage, for example gras, I recieve a visual bug. Check it out. Even if I use transparent maps or seperate ...
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I get an error with a object when I try to make it transparent

I made a hat that would later end up in a later scene. so I made it transparent until the scene But somehow its messed up when I made it transparent. I get a big black blob from the hat I removed ...
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Tree branches showing shadows off each other, ruining their transparency [duplicate]

I have a dead tree asset that has branches which are a jumble of planes that have transparency. I want the shadow of the tree but I don't want the branches shadows to expose the transparency(and show ...
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CYCLES alpha issue [duplicate]

I plugged a mask texture into the alpha slot of the 4.0 principle BSDF, which is diplayed normally, white part of the texture was shown and black part was transparent, however, when there're folds, as ...
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