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View camera boundaries in user perspective?

I'm currently weight painting and find myself glancing back and forth between camera view and user perspective view to check where I'm painting in relation to my camera boundaries (for an environment ...
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How to find all objects in the Camera's view with Python?

I have a scene with a many objects and one camera. I would like to select the objects that the camera sees, even partially. Is there a way to do that in Python that accounts for the objects bounds? ...
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Getting edges of the camera's view on the scene XY plane

I need to place objects randomly into a scene so that they are consistently within the camera's view. I have a script which randomly places a perspective camera pointed at ...
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How can I make an object visible, only where it intersects with other objects?

Apologies for the title, this question is somewhat difficult to ask. I am currently trying to create a 3D render of a blimp for a project. The aim of the project, without Covid, would have been to ...
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CAMERA MAPPING : image shows up on front and back of object

I need help figuring out a specific behaviour of the Camera Mapping process in Blender 2.93.1 . When projecting an image on a closed volume, such as a sphere, the image appears on both sides of the ...
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Can I check (in Python) if a pixel is visible to a particular camera?

I need to know if a pixel is visible to a particular camera. I don't need to know if it's blocked by another object (as is the case in this answer), so I'm thinking the answer might be simpler. For ...
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Color all surfaces visible to camera

I am new to Blender and scripting and looking for your help: The problem: In my scene are many blue objects (e.g. spheres) and multiple cameras. I want to color every surface of the blue objects red, ...
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Closing open face created by camera coverage

This is an extension question of the following question I asked earlier here. In this case, I have a cube and a camera. I want to extract whatever cube's portion falls inside the camera view. The ...
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Extending Camera Faces

I have a camera with a specific Field of View (FOV). I need to convert the camera's faces into planes then extend them to surround the camera view. The result might be something like a cone as shown ...
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Limiting output of a point or spot light to only a range of phi and theta in its own local spherical coordinates

I have very little Blender experience, but I would like to know if this is possible. The ultimate goal is to simulate all areas of a scene that N different "cameras" can see. In this case, ...
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