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Add > Path with custom geometry using Python [duplicate]

I am writing a Python script and in part of it I want to do an Add > Curve > Path operation, but instead of the default 5-vert straight path, I want one at the object origin (which I have pre-...
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Poly / Bezier curve from a list of coordinates

I'm trying to create curves from a list of points, I have the xyz coordinates in text files. I could make it manually via the python console for a single curve, but I have to do it many times and I ...
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How to make a curve path from scratch given a list of (x, y, z) points?

I want to move a soft body object in my scene on a path (curve path). For the path, I want to make it myself from scratch. I basically have a Python List containing (x, y, z) points and want to create ...
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How to specify Nurbs path vertices in python?

I'm trying to write a script which creates a Nurbs path curve, bevels it, and then stores the location of each vertex/point in that curve. I've been writing it based on the code displayed in the info ...
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Interpreting a formula for Blender Python

I'm pretty poor at maths but managed to get someone who is decent at it to come up with a linear algebraic formula for the control over the distribution of points along a straight line. The formula is:...
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How can I use Python to select one (spline control) point of a NURBS curve?

How can I use Python to select one (spline control) point of a NURBS curve? I want to select and then move each point to a desired location. If this is not possible, I am happy to start with the ...
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Is there a Blender api to fill a color to a certain vertex_colors?

Taking a cue from this question, I'm testing to make a one-color fill to a vertex_colors. Works fine, but is very slow on meshes with many polygons. ...
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Bake an fcurve with visual transforms

I want to duplicate an existing animation and bake it with visual transforms applied, something like what the default nla baker does. For simplicity's sake say I need to do this for a single bone. ...
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What is the 4th coordinate of spline points?

When trying to set the .co property of a curve's SplinePoints I noticed that it has 4 coordinates, x, y, z and an unknown ...
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Delete a single vertex from a spline

I want to create a curve with 4 points in python. So i figured that I could subdivide a primitive curve twice and delete one of the points. The code below kinda works by selecting a single point and ...
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NURBS Path not extending all the way to tips

I have two Path objects that I've joined into a single object here for comparison. The one above was generated with a Python script. The one below was added the typical way from the menu Add > ...
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subdivide curve with python

Is there an accurate way to subdivide a Curve without using a lot of math? I would like to subdivide the spline and then make it noisy. ...
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Animate Mesh Vertices via coordinate values from calculation

Mesh vertex animation My prerequisites: Little to no experience with blender, advanced experience in python Starting Point: Mesh M with n vertices and m faces as .obj file. Next step : Change ...
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Removing connection line between origin of curve and last point of curve

I'm new to Blender 2.8. I want to display a curve based on x, y, z data I got stored in a file. To load the curve I am using the following script, which I found in this forum. With TS_0084.dat being ...
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