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How to get a good edge flow [duplicate]

See the image below: why does the edge flow stop here? I know the face is a bit distorted, but is this the reason, or is there something else happening? The below is it fixed not sure why its fixed ...
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Loop cut being cut off? [duplicate]

I'm trying to create a loop cut across this whole face but it's stopping early?
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Why does merging faces with 'F' cause loopcuts to be messed up? [duplicate]

I tried recalculating normals on the in and outside which did not help. If you look closely the angled face on the tip was made the same way with connecting vertices to become faces with F. The loop ...
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Cant loop cut after bevel one side [duplicate]

I am a Blender beginner and when trying to model super basic shapes I already run into problems: I beveled one edge and now I cant do a loop cut on this side anymore: On the other side it is working: ...
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Problem with Loop Cut (2 faces selected with a cut in the middle)? [duplicate]

on the left it's good because I created extrusions even if I think it's not the right solution but on the right it's impossible to detach the 2 sides [enter image description here]
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Loopcuts will not affect all contiguous faces [duplicate]

This is what happens. Loopcuts will not wrap the object around but are placed only on two of the four faces.
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problem in creating a loop cut [duplicate]

i am trying to create a loop cut over the wall with a extended cube. But it is not working. here is the my file link; can anyone ...
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Can't do a loop cut or anything else with new version [duplicate]

I can't even do a simple loop cut with the newest version of blender. Same goes for a lot of other functions because of an extra box that appears at the bottom left of the screen.I can't click a ...
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To align Face center with the nearby faces of an object in Blender 2.93.1 [duplicate]

While modeling, the face center of certain faces got misaligned. It disables loop cut through all the faces that were selected. All the faces are rectangles. You can view it here: I tried to reset by ...
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Why can't I create edge loops inside of my mesh [duplicate]

The edge loops do not go on the inside of the cube wall. I made the wall from a cube following a floor plan. I tried using the knife tool but the edges it generated were not able to be selected. What ...
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Why can I not Loop Cut my plane? [duplicate]

Why can I not Loop Cut my plane? The yellow dots appear on the side... I just don't understand it. I guess it can only be really understood with the blend file, so I have uploaded it here: Thank you....
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How to loop cut a hexagon into 8 parts [duplicate]

I'd like to cut a hexagonal cylinder into 8 parts. I don't understand why the cut isn't going all around it, but instead it is just on one face. Anyone know how to fix this?
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Can't use loop cut on some faces

I can't describe it with words, so I recorded video. video And I can't even cut them separately. Can anyone help with it?
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Why is the loop cut tool stopping at one face? [duplicate]

I'm having an issue with a loop cut in the image below. The face I'm having the issue is the following: For other hand my intention is to have the part in blue in the below image totally straight and ...
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How to get rid of those edges? [duplicate]

How to get rid of those edges? When i try to disolve them loop cut stops working properly.
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