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how to make a limit for the loop cut tool

are there any way for making the loop cut not going to certain vertex group in the mesh ? as you see in the image when i click on ctrl + r the loop cut go through all the character from her head to ...
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Problem with creating edge rings on a model

I always mess up my model in blender. At some point I manually add vertices on edges with subdivide and then I connect them with J, and sometimes I have to fill faces with F. As you can see my model ...
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Why does my loop subdivide not extend around the whole shape?

I am createing a model which has a cylinder shape extruded inwards, and wanted to create some sharper edges around it. I tried using the loop subdivide tool (Ctrl + R) but the "loop" part of it is ...
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Why can't I make a vertical loop cut on this object?

I'm very new to Blender. I've got a cube object which I've manipulated with intrusion and extrusion. I'm now trying to make a vertical loop cut, but it is only being applied to the inside of my object....
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Is it possible to add a loop cut and slide like this [duplicate]

I am try to make a model of a knife, and i am using the loop cut and slide option. this is what i managed to do before i ran into a little problem now i want to make it so that the purple line that ...
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Using GG to move an edge doesn't yield expected results

I created an edge loop so that I can add a groove vertically. Just like the horizontal groove. I want it to be a thiner groove so after creating the loop I pressed ...
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Can't use loop cut on some faces

I can't describe it with words, so I recorded video. video And I can't even cut them separately. Can anyone help with it?
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Why does this edge loop problem happen?

So I've created a desk, and im looking to make a central partition, however when I'm trying to make the loop cut (ctrl+r) (to extrude them together, My loop cut refuses to run across one particular ...
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Bottle thread answer doubt

I'm trying to follow the following answer from the site: How to model the bottle threads? I could do almost everything, but when I have to do the (spiral) loop cut the program doesn't allow me and I ...
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Why can't I create edge loops inside of my mesh [duplicate]

The edge loops do not go on the inside of the cube wall. I made the wall from a cube following a floor plan. I tried using the knife tool but the edges it generated were not able to be selected. What ...
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