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How can I render in Blender while preserving the metallic shine, background appearance, and reflections? [duplicate]

I have a project in Blender. The appearance of my project during rendering is shown in the first image, but I want the metallic reflections and the "reflection of the Earth" on the ...
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My world(?) lighting isn't showing in the render [duplicate]

I'm not sure what specifics I need to put, so if anybody needs any specifics then they can comment and I'll reply.
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Why is my Render coming out grey and flat? [duplicate]

I followed a Youtube video to make a disco ball from a mesh UV sphere. It looks great until I go into rendered and then it just looks grey and flat. Do you know what i'm doing wrong? [Rendered Image
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My Blender can't display correct metal material [duplicate]

I found my Blender can't display metal material correctly, so I tried to open a new clear project and just create a pure monkey and a metal material to it, the material only be modified the color to ...
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Render shows up as solid colour but shading looks fine [duplicate]

I've searched around but I couldn't find anything. How do I fix this?
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How do I change the first color in the shading tab?

This one I surrounded in red in the screenshot. I think it's the reason why my 3D creation look so black and I want to get rid of it. How do I change it to gray, just like the one next to it?
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My PBR Texture looks better in Viewport than in the Render [duplicate]

i'm rendering an Image of Bane's Mask in Blender. Its on a wet road, which looks high-res in viewport. This road looks very flat and dry after rendering in Cycles. Viewport result: Render result:
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Materials not rendering properly [duplicate]

I'm a noob, so I'm probably messing this up somehow, but can anyone tell me why the materials preview looks nothing like the render? Below, I have two screenshots to illustrate this (the better ...
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What is causing this reflection on a surface? (Blender Guru coffee cup tutorial)

I am following a beginner tutorial on Blender Guru’s YouTube channel. I am creating a glass cup with liquid inside, and I am using the Volume Absorption settings on the Material panel in order to ...
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How to make blender material preview lighting in unity [duplicate]

Me and my brother are making a game and using blender and Unity. I create the models in blender and export them to his unity. We love the look and lighting of of the model in Blender's Preview ...
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The metalic look of the material looks opaque [duplicate]

My final renders look "opaque", "poor","doll", "boring" in comparison with my viewport shading and i don't know what to do to improve it. (I use Cycles render) ...
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Render looks way different from viewport render mode. How can I fix this?

I'm trying to make a test render of my model. But everytime I render it the render looks completely different from the viewport. The viewport is in render mode so it should look something like that, ...
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Glossy object looks different in rendered view (Cycles) [duplicate]

A glossy object looks perfect in material preview ,but when I come to render mode (I try to use cycle), everything looks completely different.
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Why my render doesnt reflect the color and properties of my shaders applied to the object? [duplicate]

The bronze effect is with the help of quixel textures and there is an HDR image in the background. How do I preserve those effects and bronze texture in a render animation or image? I'm using the ...
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Why can't I get my reflections to show in render [duplicate]

I can only see reflections in shader viewport , why can't I get them to render? I have specular refractions on in the render engine (evee) & material. But still get this grey image when I view ...
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