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Unable to install add-ons to Blender 2.82a and Blender 2.9 on a Mac [duplicate]

I am at total loss and YouTube/Google offer nothing to solve this issue. I downloaded the .zip file for Edge-Flow Master from Github and there is no way to actually install the files. I've opened ...
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How to install lsystem add-on? [duplicate]

Apologies if this seems very basic, but I am really struggling with how to do this and am not sure where I am going wrong. I have a found an L-System addon on Github ( ...
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Addon Hairnet won't install [duplicate]

I'm trying to get the Hairnet add-on installed on Blender 2.8.1, but it won't show I've had the same issue since I found out about add-ons. It shows that it's in my Blender folder, but it doesn't ...
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How to get addon from github [duplicate]

I'm trying to download an addon linked in a tutorial called UV squares but don't know how to get the file exactly from github. I think it's supposed to be free Here's the link, kindly help: https://...
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Add-on what should I download? [duplicate]

When I download Principal Baker from GitHub and I put install in preferences, what am I suppose to add? Like every single file or certain ones?
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Installing OpenSAGE.BlenderPlugin addon does nothing [duplicate]

I'm trying to install OpenSAGE.BlenderPlugin addon. I'm using Blender 2.93.4 , supposedly it works from version 2.81 on. I go to Blender Preferences, click on install and select OpenSAGE.BlenderPlugin-...
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Orient Custom Shape addon stopped working in versions above 2.9? [duplicate]

Unfortunately the Orient bone shapes add-on either downloaded from GitHub or from does not work anymore for whatever reason. I have tried to install those scripts on Blender 2.90....
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GitHub for Blender [duplicate]

Was exploring GitHub, has anyone used any premade python script from GitHub in Blender? Also wanted some pointers on- What blender resources are available on GitHub. How can we best leverage GitHub ...
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Addons: Only some .zips will install

Why is it that if I go to install an add-on from User Preferences > Add-ons > Install from File... and choose a *.ZIP, some add-ons will install, while others will return me to the User Preferences ...
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Can Pixar USDZ files imported into Blender?

Can Pixar USD files (USDZ) be imported into Blender?
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Sketchup Importer cannot handle file paths with spaces or dashes?

I am using Blender 2.93.4 on MacOS 10.15 and followed the build instructions for the Sketchup Importer on Arindam Mondal's version 0.23. Because the Cycles renderer is not available on my graphics ...
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How to install TubeTool add-on/ make tubes?

So I decided to make some tubes. In the olden days I used to add a bezier curve I could convert or whatever, but now all I get from a bezier curve is a single path. Than I stumbled over this https://...
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fSpy starting problems 2.8+?

I have downloaded and installed fSpy for linux and installed the add-on but there is very little detail on how to run and use fspy as an app to import to linux as there is no proper tutorial or ...
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I Cannot make GIS Blender 2.82 Addon for Windows work

I am not sure what I did wrong during the process of installing the GIS add-on, but for some reason even after unchecking and rechecking its checkbox in Preferences, there is still no sign of any sort ...
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(2.8/9XX) Addons show up in the list but not in the interface!

I read lot of questions on forums and all, but mine is slightly different. Sometimes I click install, choose the addon etc. Most of the time it appears in the list, but sometimes I only get a ...
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